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Trump's Executive Order on 'Welfare' Is Designed to Pit Workers Against One Another


That’s right, slackers! If we all just worked and worked and worked we’d all be millionaires, every single one of us.Every job would have inherent dignity, because it would be performed by the hard working mllionaires, the most special, wonderful entitled, admirable cream of the crop of humanity. Except that no one would want to do the dirty work because after all we’re all deserving millionaires and billionaires.
Following any one of those stupid sod’s arguments to its logical conclusion makes their muddle-headedness ever more obvious.


It’s not a myth that many people are gaming the system, Rebecca. Nor is it a myth that they cost all the payers more and take from those who actually can’t work. Yes, it’s intended to make subsidies harder to access…that is the point…harder to access unless you are legitimately in need, not merely working the system.

I’d be interested in seeing evidence that you ‘understand’ poverty, Rebecca. I’d like to see the evidence that your ideas fix poverty anywhere, not just subsidize and expand it. Show us a single nation anywhere on Earth, ever, whose ‘solutions’ for poverty have result in lowering the amount of dependency… instead of increasing it.


All private sector jobs already have inherent dignity, and the folks I see attacking this idea are nearly all on the left.


We have gone from LBJ’s “War on Poverty” to DJT’s “War on the Poor”.



To merely say “Congress ended TANF” and not specifically BILL CLINTON, approaches cover-up. We have to take our blinders off about The Clintons. Remember the ad where Bill & Al called themselves, “New kind of Democrat?”
That was Orwellian-speak for MOVING TO THE RIGHT to gain that donor money.
Yes, they ended “Welfare as we know it.” And it’s never been restored, contributing to the slide for us, the 99% and the funneling of $ up to the rich.
It was Bill Clinton’s FCC Bill that resulted in being stuck with nothing but corporate media propaganda and the very significant threat to net neutrality. To still wallow in this denial is at our peril.