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Trump's "Eyes and Ears" at DOJ Reportedly Banned From Building After Trying to Get Inside Information on Election Fraud

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/03/trumps-eyes-and-ears-doj-reportedly-banned-building-after-trying-get-inside


Joe Biden will be looking forward, not backward.
I bet he’ll even quote Gerry Ford. “We need to put this long national nightmare behind us” as he and his new AG refuse to chase down the Trump crime cabal. I’ll bet Nancy is on board as well. No further congressional investigations will be forthcoming.
Our oldest American tradition, that of protecting criminal presidents, must and will be maintained. We have become Rome. A hollow shell of an empire made up of a whole lot of symbolism, but no substance. Many have figured out that there is just a sad little old man behind the red, white and blue curtain. And all he’s got left is a mediocre multimedia presentation and some smoke and mirrors for the finale.


The next CD of Pynchon Songs by VISIT and Christian Hanggi
simply must feature this latest bit player with a name worthy of TP’s Central Casting:

Somewhere 'tween Pig Bodine, Oedipa and Mucho Maas, McClintick Sphere, Dewey Gland, Roony Winsome, Tyrone Slothrop, Herbert Stencil, Prairie Wheeler, Scarsdale Vibe, Clayton Chiclitz and of course the investment-minded dentists in practice on the So Cal beach at Golden Fang DDS, respect will have to be paid to the scriptwriter that came up with today’s Dickensian Bit Player, pound out a burlesque vamp puh-leaze, BOOM CHICK-A BOOM and let’s welcome onto the stage HEIDI STIRRUP

(now being barred from performing her Trumpian tasks at DOJ… )

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
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Sounds like a character from a Mel Brooks screenplay.


Ba-ding! I’m thinkin’ Madeline Kahn?

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)
Media Discussion List and Looksee


God, these people cannot be removed from power fast enough. This is a classic Trump move, and it reeks of desperation. After the head of a chicken is cut off, the headless body runs in all directions, spouting blood and making a wild mess. Where the hell is January 20?

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I keep thinking of The Hunger Games, in particular Mockinjay as I read the always horrifying news from south of the border (Canada/US border).

I’m not sure why - it just is ~

Maybe because this has ceased to be about politics - it really is dystopian fiction to the max - but it is happening right in front of my eyes.

Parts of the system are still working - but in the background, or is it the foreground, there is always this batshit crazy administration and all of its denizens, along with half the population - just living in a fantasy world of epic dimension.

It’s midnight here and as I look at the fancy face that heads up this article I see clearly in my mind’s eye Pannu and The Capitol - with its too impossibly crazy rich and powerful citizens.

But it’s all real - right now - right here - but it is even worse than Mockinjay - because there is as yet no hero or heroine - just another batshit crazy like rizzler above me.


The sanest person I can think of just now is Antonio Guterres of the United Nations - and he left the power structure of the nation states of the world behind. It seems that is the only way to regain one’s sanity - leave the insane asylum, where normal is insane.


Is that what it is ?

Is the United Nations our ‘rebel base’ ?

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I love this:

“The Trump regime is a home for wayward maniacs.”

Walter Shaub from the article.


I think it’s called “feeble minded.” The reason the statistical mean is set at IQ 100 is because 50% of the population is above IQ 100 and 50% is below IQ 100. Then you have to factor in heavy alcohol and drug use, plus a big dose of propaganda. (usually found on AM radio talk shows in the United States.)


Hah, what satire! Crazy hair, dead eyes, shark smile, backstory’s gotta be that the Orange Joker threw her into a vat of cheetos and she isn’t herself anymore, poor lady. Yeah no, this genre isn’t subtle.

Wait. This is real?? …Get January 21st down here already.


Hey! They do have the same color hair.

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You make an amusing point. I have to object because I’m someone who was cursed with one quite high “IQ” test as a child (and another quite low one – go figure!) I’ve got some wear on my steel-belted radials, from the days educators thought they should put children who scored high into special classes. Pretty much the rest of my life has been spent recovering from that catastrophic collapse of common sense.

My point: Intelligence tests are harmful to children and other living things, in my customarily humble but relevantly experienced opinion.


Are they trying to make a comic book character named Donna Quinn?

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As the planet’s biosphere and climate continue to rapidly collapse, as the global and US Economies continue to collapse, you have this continue…


One of our tasks (or celebrations) should be the public shattering of the mirrors. That would be a gift that keeps on giving.

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The emperor has no clothes. With staff aka evacuees racing for an off ramp his inner circle is in freefall. His audience of yes folks is shrinking. People are realizing they will be unemployed shortly. What we are witnessing is the public meltdown of a once powerful figure who refused his handler’s directives at every opportunity.

Power in the hands of an enraged ungrounded so-called leader is a danger to everyone. And, as the days grow shorter he openly attacks Barr and the FBI suggesting they are involved in his loss. Barr reacted to his comments by stating “no massive fraud found.” And the CIC claims Barr “didn’t look.” If he found it where is it?

Accusations are great until a judge requires evidence. The burden is on the accuser. Pushing up on 0 and 36 +/- hasn’t dampened his resolve to overturn the will of the people.

Politics is a high stakes game that was set in motion by the roundtable of males who failed to include women or First Nations people as they created the foundation of what was to become America, USA.

The one and two percent created the model. What we see today is merely a fight for turf between two factions of the high and mighty.

Regardless of a battle they win–we lose. Paranoia and desperation ensues as January, 2021 approaches and judges continue to toss meritless and frivolous lawsuits.

The nation deserves to unite and stand as a united front against all enemies here and abroad who would seek to ignore and destroy the rule of laws and common decency.

We are the bright shining star on a hill. How we go forward determines if that description will be lost forever. History will look back on the last four years unkindly. God Bless America

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As the poster above you who joined just a few hours ago.


There is an idea floating here in the US America to do just that. We come together virtually and collectively imagine a human scaled world, something in which we can not only live but thrive in as well.

A read of Schumacher’s Small Is Beautiful would be very helpful

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“Board of Visitors”? Chair of the Parking Lot Committee?