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Trump's Failure on Covid-19 Testing and Tracking Data Has Led to Deaths of 1,700 Healthcare Workers, Nurses Union Report Shows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/28/trumps-failure-covid-19-testing-and-tracking-data-has-led-deaths-1700-healthcare

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1700, huh? Pales in comparison with the number who died because Cuomo and Newsom forced nursing homes to take infected patients from hospitals. Love him or hate him, Trump didn’t do that. Democratic governors did.

Take your pathetic hike

We were talking about Frontline Personell working in Science


SCIENCE, a subject drump and repugnants
and obviously you, know nothing about


I’m shocked that major news outlets are reporting Orangeman’s new promise today, of millions of COVID tests for immediate distribution, as if he had not made close to the exact same promise half a dozen times before. When? What? Where? Our diligent newshounds would never think of asking unfair questions like that, which might look disrespectful to Orangeman, as if you don’t like him.

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Major news outlets are owned/run by people with large portfolios which they believe will grow under a Trump second term (not to mention the advertisers). Instead of standing up to the plate and reporting the straight critical facts, they play the “both sides game” which is far from the public interest. I share your frustration.

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Seeing how Trump’s March 2020 claim that “anybody who wants a test can get one” is still not true more than six months later, any GOP edicts or “leaks” alleging tests or vaccinations during the coming six months need to be considered fake news.

Nurses definitely are on the front lines with a front row view of what is needed to keep the public safe. I like the NNU data recommendations though in the current climate of science denial, it will be a push to get them enacted!


Both Resveratrol and N-Acetyl-Cysteine are both VERY likely helpful in preventing COVID-19 today. Healthcare workers could use them now. They are both very affordable.

The government avoiding investigating them properly tells us something. And its not pretty.

The government has a requirement to protect corporate investments that comes from the world of trade agreements. Which obligation wins when they conflict? I think it should be obvious to us how the two US parties feel.

I don’t know but having encountered these kinds of calculations - that in practical terms it may come down to the comparative incomes of the people directly impacted versus the loss experienced by the corporations. The value of their loss versus the lives economic values, basically.

This is why its helpful to be rich.