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Trump's "Fake Concern" for Jews Doesn't Mask His Anti-Semitism, Say Critics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/21/trumps-fake-concern-jews-doesnt-mask-his-anti-semitism-say-critics

Trump, you manipulating and malignant tumor, do shut the fuck up.


But Jews in Israel are also extremely racist so there is compatibility Jew racist “Christian” racist “Judaeo-Christian” bull shit is all good. No?
Or Jewish extreme hatred is reserved for Palestinians only.

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The wheels on Twumpie’s golden tricycle just fell off. He is absolutely starkers every damn time he opens his damn mouth.


You Forget He is the chosen one

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No, I am actually still reeling from the from his latest insane-o to the tenth power tweets.
I’m in a state of shock…stunned by the very obvious advance stage megalomania of this guy.


Trying to label President Trump as anti-Semitic is even more preposterous than trying to call him racist. His own daughter is Jewish! He’s the first President to follow through on campaign promises to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move our embassy there. The Jewish people and the nation of Israel knows no bigger supporter than Donald Trump. Anyone, Jewish or not, that refuses to acknowledge this is willfully ignorant.


You think this subject is a worthy one for your passion, Derek? You could point out that Donald Trump loved Jeffrey Epstein, too, and they even shared the same teenie-bopper at the same time according to one law suit which anyone can read online.

But don’t you think, Derek, that love for Jews and hatred for Jews could exist in the same breast if the person was psychologically screwed up and Donald Trump certainly is?


When you accuse jews of being disloyal, you are using the same language hitler used. He has used racist tropes about jews openly saying that jews were great with money, another hitler trope. THat he wouldn’t hired blacks because they are lazy and he preferred jews because they knew how to handle money.
All anti-semitic tropes about jews. It is what hitler used against jews.
He calls his son in law my daughter in law. His daughter’s husband who is jewish. He has no respect for jews.
You are the one who is deliberately being ignorant of trump’s bigotry.

Trump is a racist, but not against Jews. he is pseudo-Jew himself. He is racist against Palestinians and all other brown people!
The Jews are some of the biggest racists ever!

Jews are ultimately loyal only to the tribe, mostly. Of course, there are exceptions!

So much name calling, so little facts. His grandchildren are Jews. When frightened, desperate people lack facts, they resort to name-calling. Facts please. Gopherit