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Trump's #FakeNewsAwards Underscore His Hostility Toward Free Speech and Press


Trump's #FakeNewsAwards Underscore His Hostility Toward Free Speech and Press

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"This is what happens in dictatorships and fascist regimes. Facts, language, truth and ultimately the press become hijacked to serve power, not question it or hold it accountable."

Fake News Awards 404


The duopoly has lost its pretense to decorum and decency.


Trump has felt like one gigantic index finger down the national throat. I’m just waiting for the full national gag reflex to Trump in the 2018 and 2020 elections. Republicans have emerged with Trump as the party of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations.

The big lesson the we the people need to learn from the 2016 election is to actually show up at the ballot boxes to vote. 2016 was the worst voter turn out in 70 years. Can it be said that is what happens when both parties do not put forward their best candidates?

Democrats need to fully focus on becoming the party of DIVERSITY while the Republicans become the party of Trump sexism, racism and white supremacy. That would be the end to “duopoly.”


The end to Duopoly would be the best thing for this country.

Maybe then, people(voters) would care more about their children’s futures than they do now.


The end to duopoly will start when the corporate parties extend to third parties the same rules they now enjoy—you know, like permanent ballot access and full participation in “debates,” etc.


How about an award to the reality show host for a Fake Presidency?




And exactly where is this “free press?” Breitbart?" Billionaire Bezos Washington Post, et. al.? Zionist New York Times, et. al? Billionaire-owned Intercept (which some how manages to to good shit as long as the owner approves), “liberal” and “conservative” think tanks funded by tax-write-offs for the rich, “contributor” funded fascist, neo-fascist, centrist, neoliberal (fascist), “liberal,” “progressive” media which are dominated by largest funders? The shit excreted on the social media?

A free press is never free; it is paid for in literal sweat, blood and tears by courageous journalists who actually do their jobs and the courageous people who work with them. It’s about time we get our definitions straight.


You have to be a f-cking stupid piece of shit to support donald trump. . It’s the same for the f-cking stupid pieces of shit that support him. The congenital mental disease that is Conservatism runs rampant among the white trash losers who support trump…


Yes, he is not a “real” president–he just plays one on TV, because he is a reality TV Star (reality tv–which reflects everything–but reality)


we must never allow anyone to attack a free press. is it time to take to the streets? are we capable?