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Trump's Fast-Food CEO Labor Pick: 'Anti-Family, Anti-Worker, Anti-Jobs'


Trump's Fast-Food CEO Labor Pick: 'Anti-Family, Anti-Worker, Anti-Jobs'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Fast-food executive Andrew Puzder, who opposes raising the federal minimum wage and "has championed every aspect of right-wing trickle-down economics," is expected to be President-elect Donald Trump's pick for labor secretary, news outlets reported Thursday.


And the march to Haedes continues lead by the burnt orange Satan himself!

He and his "transition team" are all denizens of the deepest, darkest, most damnable nether regions of existence. They gorge themselves on the flesh of all life tossing the bones into deep pits fashioned like those dug during the Holocaust.


The fight for 15 needs to proceed locally, as it has. Before republicans outlaw such local legislation.


The Fight for $15 has grown throughout the state in which I reside and the state's minimum wage as of Jan. 1, 2017 will be $11 (highest in the nation). There is hope for an increase to $15 by initiative up for vote during midterms, 2018. I cannot wrap my head around why people like Puzder and all too many repugnicants would deprive fellow human beings of a living wage...enough to keep roofs over their and their families' heads, food in their stomachs, access to health care, and overall well-being. Are they so far removed from reality due to the fact that they live their lives in the lap of luxury with unlimited funds at their disposal? Noblesse Oblige is a thing of the past, I guess and loving-kindness only practiced among those in the greatest need.


This guy is not Anti-Jobs.
He just want lots of jobs at starvation wages so that his friends can make lots of money.

He is certainly Anti-Labor, Anti-Family and Anti-Worker, but not Anti-Jobs.
He just wants to keep the "little people" in their correct place.


Yes, it is hard but then there really appears to be a whole subset of species that, while looking human, seem to lack the humanizing influence of a conscience. They are really that immature. This makes them dangerous.


An interesting point.


The Bloviating Orange Billionaire's (BOB) administration is looking more and more sociopathic.


That 15, if truly adjusted for inflation since '83, would be over 20.


They introduced a bill today to make it illegal for any city to make a law to raise wages.


Take note of the businesses all these business people run. Places like Puzder owns can be boycotted, en mass. In fact hotels, any service industries owned or operated by these creeps can be boycotted. It would help if they lost every time we do.


Oh no, that can't be true. The right wing is against big government and for local and states rights.(sarcasm) In less, of course, if it is to the advantage of themselves and the rich that they prostitute themselves for.

By the way, Dede, I like your posts!


Who is They? Please cite the bill/resolution number and who introduced it. If passed, there will be several lawsuits that will certainly reach SCOTUS...OMG, and Satan and his pals will try to seat another fellow demon on the Supreme Court...FOR LIFE.




This the State law passed in Idaho the last line reads.

7 (4) No political subdivision of this state, as defined by section
38 6-902, Idaho Code, shall establish by ordinance or other action minimum
39 wages higher than the minimum wages provided in this section.

Also, it is illegal for S.C. cities or counties to raise the minimum wage — lawmakers passed a law in 2002 banning local governments from doing so.

The latter has been in effect since 2002.


seems like all trumps appointees are there to shut down the departments they are to head. This means he is staging a coup. if he appoints a judge, he'll need to find a convicted felon. nothing can work anymore. he's turning out even worse than we thought, and we thought disaster.
we need a revolution


One of the few 'lawful' things that can be done at this precipitous moment in time--because DJT is an avowed Twitter-pater--is to ask all your social media contacts to flood @realDonaldTrump, every day with concerns, demands, etc., and don't ever stop!

Perhaps, if enough of us cause a non-stop deluge of our concerns he just might start rethinking his programs, just maybe.


So the mask is coming off and we are seeing the real Trump----these people Trump is picking says everything about what Trump stands for-----so will the democrats grow a backbone and fight these picks??????


"Brought to you by Carl's , Jr."

It's not going to take 500 years.


Does Carl's Jr. serve bags of salty dicks? I'll buy this guy two supersized orders of them and he can share with Trump & Co. As a sign of future hospitable relations, of course.


Well, he's anti-job too as we wants to transition to full automation in fast food and other industries.