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Trump's FCC Blocks ISPs from Giving Low-Income Families Web Access


Trump's FCC Blocks ISPs from Giving Low-Income Families Web Access

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), newly under Republican control, on Friday blocked nine internet companies from providing service to low-income users, curtailing a groundbreaking program green-lit during the previous administration.


Waste, fraud and abuse. The republican party in a nutshell.


I wonder if this arrogant young man has considered that he will be reversing the Congress' education laws that explicitly recommend making the internet and technology available to the poor as a means of ensuring that all student regardless of income are provided equal opportunity? I can see a muddle of contradictions going on here, because people like this are just shooting from the hip and not waiting to see what the unintended consequences are going to be.


"With today's action, chairman Pai is undoing important work that promised to bring the benefits of broadband to low-income families, to put vertically integrated ISPs on notice against prioritizing their own content, and to send a message to broadcasters that covert consolidation won't be tolerated.""

Yes, furious with first dictate giving the poor access to the internet but the next two dictates i.e. stopping prioritizing their own interest and consolidation sounds like a good thing????


"'...to put vertically integrated ISPs on notice against prioritizing their own content, and to send a message to broadcasters that covert consolidation won't be tolerated.'" Is what the article says. It's actually the opposite of what you just wrote. In this age of suspicion, I'm very curious why that is.


Did you note his ??? marks?


Insufficient diet in India yields people with reduced mental capacity that serve as low wage labor for the oligarchy,

iTrumpet is following a similar path.


Trump would prefer low-income families get their news from broadcasting networks like FOX


" A Republican attack on net equality,"

Future headline?


Of course Trump means his security! But it seems to me, since most of the progressive websites must be an anathema to Trump because they expose his mendacities; his mental incompetence; his egocentrism; and his climate denial and too many more true pejoratives to name here.


I think he may have merely misread the article, mistaking the use of commas as a separation between conjuctive clauses at the end of the sentence that refer back to the beginning of the sentence, instead of interpreting them as they are intended to be used, as a means to separate conjunctive clauses describing the merits of the Green-Lit program.

FYI: were it not for the internet, I would have had to go to the library to construct that last sentence, as I am not an English teacher and am no expert on grammar, But, fortunately I did not need to take an hour long trip for an answer to my simple query.


You are mistaken my friend. The commas in the sentence you are confused about are there to separate distinctive clauses describing the merits of the Green-Lit program. The actions taken by Trump's FCC would result in the abandonment of such initiatives.


Trump will make Obama the most popular president ever! Obama's works become more popular and well know each time Trump smashes the other boy's legos.


I'm still waiting for Trump to take a populist stance against an Obama Initiative!


Unfortunately, I think he knows what he is doing. The Republicans are all about changing any laws, including education laws, that stand in the way of their corporatist interests. As long as business flourishes, it doesn't matter what good programs we lose in the process.


How was the TPP any different from what the Trump administration will be doing to us? I'm being serious and just asking...


Well I am no fan of the TPP, I think it is a Giant handout to the wealthiest Businesses in the world. Corporate Trade agreement for sure.

But Trump doesn't like the TPP because Russia was not included in the TPP Negotiations, i.e. Russia will not benefit from any TPP trading.


I imagine Trump would like to drop sanctions against and improve relations with Russia so they can be included in a future trade agreement, But the Sanctions are there for good reason. Since 2014 Russia has maintained military occupation of Crimea, a large portion of NATO member Ukraine. Over 8,000 people have died. Putin is a War criminal and Trumps denial of this should go a long way to discredit him to anyone still holding their trump card. What kind of response would they want to see if there own country were the victim of such aggression?


??? what exactly are you referring to?


Yet another way to control the minds of the masses of voters. Keep the poorly educated away from sources of information that negatively affect Trump.