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Trump's FCC Chair Accused of Betraying Public Interest Mandate by Backing T-Mobile/Sprint Mega-Merger

Generally I go by the adage “you can not judge a book by its cover”. That said when I saw my first photos of this guy, without even reading the article underneath, I thought to myself “This guy is an asshole”. I had much the same feeling when I saw my first picture of that Mnuchin guy.

I guess the adage “First Expressions Count” also has merit.


I’ll see your adage and raise you one:

“After the age of 40, a man is responsible for his own face.”
–Mark Twain


Is this a promise? Sounds more like a threat, given the growing concerns over deployment of 5G with it’s inherently greater (than earlier gens) public health / environmental risks.

Of course, the laissez-faire attitude of all the corporatists in charge of governance here and elsewhere isn’t conducive to any broad public discussion of public harms from either monopolization or techno-commerical-driven cultural changes.

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Yup. It’s only gotten a bit larger since 2016. The plutocracy needs its swamp.

Hey, you stole my swamp thunder. Any way, What do we expect other than another swamp creature to be hired on to the creation of Washington’s cesspool.


Never fear. Maintain your loud voice of opposition. We need every voice at full volume because the establishment media sure as hell won’t voice an alternative perspective.