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Trump's FCC Gives Big Telecom "Free Reign" With Vote for Major Handouts


Trump's FCC Gives Big Telecom "Free Reign" With Vote for Major Handouts

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

At its April open meeting on Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to give yet more handouts to the telecommunications industry, lifting a price cap on broadband services and reinstating a loophole that lets broadcasters monopolize airwaves.


Throughout the nation communities and city governments have continued to conduct studies and mount projects for municipal broadband. Check out the Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Since when do the chair and commissar, I mean commissioner, of the FCC, a political appointee to this government agency, determine what is or is not "competitive enough"?


So this may mean the end of the small credit union where I do all my banking.

But meanwhile, the clueless, purportedly "progressive" youth in my city - almost to the person - wave their orange "PNC Bank" cards when they pay for stuff in every bar or restaurant in my city.


Actually, many states, including my current state of Mississippi, have passed ALEC backed legislation that preempts local governments in the state from instituting any type of municipally operated broadband system. The claim is that the state wants to protect residents from poorly thought out municipal schemes, but it seems just to be a gift to the big telecom monopolies.


Yes, the kick-in-the-teeth methodology fomented by ALEC will, I hope, prove to be one that galvanizes public participation at the community level. Seems folks are still numb after decades of neocon/neoliberal bulldozing. I also hope that this is something that "Our Revolution" and its coalitions address.


Soon the alt-left representatives will claim that poor Trump is being controlled by Ivanka, otherwise he would still be "anti-establishment". You know the union busting, corporate tax cut campaigning, job outsourcing, military build-up pimping, corporation de-regulating, neocon policy promoting billionaire fascist, White Nationalist courting, fake populist Trump.