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Trump's First Address to Be Met With Resistance, Inside Congress and Out


Trump's First Address to Be Met With Resistance, Inside Congress and Out

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump will address Congress for the first time Tuesday night, where his speech is expected to be met with resistance inside the chamber from Democrats and protests outside of the Capitol.


Would be encouraging if the whole democratic side of the aisle along with Bernie Sanders just didn't show up for the speech. Why listen to this man who doesn't appear to have a sense of reason or fairness? The blue-dogs can show up. They should convert to the republican party anyway. That is my suggestion - now, given the democrats co-operation with many of the illegal schemes and manipulations of the Bush years - what can we really expect. Not the kind of strident opposition and defiance that is needed.


Did you forget- most of congress along with Prez Clinton voted to deregulate. Bernie did not vote for it however most did. We continue to reap what they sowed.


The "address" will be another forum for campaign speechifying, lies, and rhetoric that appeal to the T-bags in Congress and to his ignorant and hopelessly defiant base. T-dump thinks of himself as a great orator, a "mover-and-a-shaker" so he does not need to have anyone prepare a speech of substance. He cannot read it anyway without sounding like a third-grader the teacher called on to read out loud (while the child runs his finger over every word on the page).

A truly empty suit with a big red, long tie made in Malaysia by an enslaved impoverished woman laborer in a sweltering factory with locked exits, outdoor toilets, and no water.

The Dems should stand and turn their backs on the emperor, which would enfuriate him. That I would pay to watch!



I would pay to watch as well! I do not watch his speeches really- his vocabulary is clearly adjusted to fit the minds of the elementary school drop out. Example: It is very very nice or very very horrible. Real embarrassment considering the educated leaders of other nations.


Alas, I doubt you will be given the opportunity to impoverish yourself further for this joy, though I, too, would gladly join you for the privilege.


I have posted this already in a different thread here in Common Dreams, but it does fit better in this one:
Yes, by all means let us resist, but with a plan!
In order to be effective against Trumpism, we have to bring all progressive organizations under one single umbrella.
There is already such a force building as the Justice Democrats (https://justicedemocrats.com/), uniting the efforts of 'Brand New Congress' (https://brandnewcongress.org), with Bernie’s own ‘Our Revolution’ https://ourrevolution.com/action/ ) and using the powerful video news organization 'TYT' (https://tytnetwork.com/) as their megaphone to the public.
Get with it, pull together. This is not a competition among progressive forces, which all have the same aims, those which Bernie Sander has outlined so effectively.
As it stands now both the ‘Democracy for America’ (DfA) and ‘brand new Congress are formulating separate lists of progressive candidates, they want to support in 2018.

That is insane! We will end up splitting our vote between two progressive candidates and the establishment jerk will run right through the middle and take the seat.
‘Brand New Congress' is ready to cooperate, but the DfA still appears to hesitate.

We absolutely must support those progressive organizations, which are willing to cooperate with others. No organization needs to sacrifice its idendity, but we have to work together as ONE cohesive force.
I do not know, if CD is ‘listening in', but they should also participate.


Trump will probably be speaking mainly to his supporters watching on TV. Every time he speaks it seems more like part of a political campaign than doing the job of president. No doubt the fact checkers will find numerous false statements by Trump. His white nationalist coded language might not be understood by people on the left. If Bannon and Miller wrote the speech as seems likely it will probably be very offensive to people who value human rights and justice for all. It will probably lack all American values and sound like something that a banana republic dictator might say to a rubber stamp legislature.


Yes, but how do you weed out the faux-progressives such as the DNC and it's DINO members?
They siphon off a great deal of the progressive base that is need to counter Trump's destructive agenda, leaving us with more fractured elections and Hillary-like candidates who cannot win.


He's already campaigning for 2020. I guess he forgot he'll be in his late seventies. Then again he thinks he is immortal.


People make their own often uninformed choices.


I have never considered these corporate stooges to be progressive.
Here is a partial list of organizations, which do deserve that handle:

But as I said above, all our efforts will come to zilch, unless we manage to pull together.


Who in Congress will tell the truth and let Trump know, "you lie." Nancy? Chuck?


Yes to that. Someone needs to call this White Knight out for his duplicity. He and they won't understand, of course, because they happen to love Elvis impersonators, too.


His vocabulary fits the mind of an elementary school dropout. So true! No wonder Trump appeals to so many uneducated voters, they see him as one of them!


Yes, and they do not even have to use a dictionary. Plus they do not have to think- papa will do that for them


All the more reason to VOTE so you get a living wage.


I have heard that too, but the working class who have seen jobs outsourced were in there as well. At least that is what was reported by the real news!


The " age of miracles" is upon us, once again. Anecdotal evidence and " alternative facts " are now the new truths. Don't believe your lyin' eyes, trust the man who uttered 71% factual, non-facts. In other news, Trump lied and the MSM allowed this happy horseshit to be spewd out of a horse's ass, unchallenged. Anyone who buys into this is not a progressive, they're delusional.
" To compel a man ( or woman ) to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical ". Thomas Jefferson
To make up facts to suit your agenda, $54 billions and counting for more war, plus a medical industry that charges 2xs the money that Single-Payer would for worse outcomes, is by definition, tyrannical. I encourage everyone to pause before they pay any taxes to this gov't, going forward. Please, think about what you're hard earned $$$ is supporting.


Uh, Bernie voted for the Commodity Futures Modernization Act twice. The House version and the reconciliation budget report version. Many of his progressive House colleagues did not, nor did progressive Senators like Paul Wellstone. Phil Gramm, S-Banks from Texas, was the prime mover behind the bill, which created the shadow banking system. The shadow banking system, by the way, had way more to do with the crash than Glass-Steagall. It is simply false to say he didn't vote for deregulation.