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Trump's First Big Moves Are #NotNormal


Trump's First Big Moves Are #NotNormal

Will Bunch

The normalization of President-elect Donald Trump is well under way. Exhibit A would have to be the new issue of People magazine—the publication that just a few weeks ago was reporting that a female journalist who'd traveled to Mar-a-Lago to report on Trump's happy new marriage to Melania was sexually assaulted. Now it's cover is a glamorous, back-lit "President Trump" (can't that wait until Jan.


From an economic, cultural and social (what's left ?) perspective Trump's appointee short lists have already worn Trump's thin populist veneer completely off.


Hooo boy. 4 years of "IN-YOUR-FACE arrogance, evil, and inhumanity. Can't wait. Here I had all these hopes for the 21st century.


Whatever chance I was willing to give Trump ended with the hiring of Steve Bannon. This is completely unacceptable. There is no room for compromise on Bannon. Trump needs to dump Bannon and make a speech on racism that is consistent with American values. I can't see how Trump can govern. I think the protests are going to be far worse than the 1960s. College campuses are not going to be able to hold classes. I expect governors in many states will sending out the National Guard to try to keep order. Hopefully there will be no Kent States.


The so-called "Alt-right" might better be labeled "Cult-right" because it hold views based strictly on bias and faith (not in a religions sense of that term) and not on fact or reality. Having Bannon in the inner circles of the White House is the scariest thing to happen in America, since Dick Cheney was pulling strings in W's administration. Actually, it's scarier because Cheney, evil as he was, was not driven so much by hate as by his hubris and distorted views of power.

Bannon is just a hater and his hatefulness will, no doubt, permeate the policies and actions of the Trump administration. We must all continually watch over our own shoulders and watch the backs of our brethren and sistren going forward -- and we must keep our eye on the prize of the mid-term elections two years from now and the presidential election four years from now.


Glad enough to see the resistance to Trump, which it seemed better directed.

This "#NotNormal" thing is misdirected and deeply suspect. Who in this place is looking for "normal"? Normal is what we are trying to change.


Though I didn't vote for him, this is a very unfair article. Isn't calling his advisor "consigliere Kelly Anne Conway " taking bias a little far?


What I worry about at the end of these next four years that the people will all be too willing to go back to the "normal" that was under Obama and the Clintons, which is at most only slightly better than what the GOP has in mind. We do need to redefine what "normal" is. Because if we don't, nature will make sure "normal" will equate to "hell on earth followed by extinction".


None of your references are ever valid. You keep claiming Trump is practicing McCarthyism, when in reality, he gets along in Russia with ex-KGB ex-commie Putin, so that comparison of yours is invalid.

Your Kent State comparison is also invalid. Kent State Protestors and Trump were critical of the Bush family wars like Vietnam and Iraq. H.W Bush was the government advisor when Vietnam started. GWB re-started and re-fought his father's war that we had already won in Desert Storm.

Maybe you were thinking of "Mississippi Burning" the civil rights fight in the South?


I love the analogy between presidential politics and professional wrestling. You have two wildly dramatic opponents throwing chairs at each other, the ref keeping it all together giving signals as to what's to happen next and keeping it within the proscribed time limit. The crowd of course is in on it and cheering or booing when something dramatic happens. Then, after a wild finale, one opponent wins to the cheers and boos of the crowd. Afterward there is the post-match analysis, the hand-wringing, the finger-pointing, the gloating... Some people really get into that sort of thing. But the point that is never talked about is that IT'S SCRIPTED. BOTH OPPONENTS ARE ACTORS PLAYING PARTS.

We of course aren't in on it. We just stand in awe at the drama and the final result and are left with questions. How did the FBI know when to drop those tantalizing investigative tidbits just the right time? How did Sheldon Adelson know it was time to drop $60 million on Trump at the last minute? Why were the exit polls so wrong... again! The thing with pro wrestling is that it's all a game. The thing with this election is that we just elected an out-n-out fascist as president. What comes next is the real question. Black swans, they are aflyin'.


Interesting point, that Trump has actually been involved in the WWE, participating in Wrestlemania once.
A natural fit.


Much of this article is aimed at smearing Trump's new senior counselor Steve Bannon, based on quotes by his political enemies and a statement his ex-wife made during a contentious divorce hearing. Bannon's actual sin seems to be that he is editor of the rightwing website Breitbart. So I went over and looked at breitbart.com, expecting to be horrified.

Nope, not horrified, just bored. It's something like huffingtonpost.com. I checked out the comments after a few of the articles. Some reasonable, some from nutjobs. Again, like huffingtonpost.

Will Bunch, who wrote the article we are commenting on, works for "Media Matters for America," which was founded by Hillary propagandist and dirty tricks operator extraordinaire David Brock. So I think it's fair to wonder why there is this big push from so many media outlets to promote hatred and fear with so few actual facts to back up their claims.


The Bannon appointment is not going away. In fact, the more criticism and outcry over this, the more likely Trump will dig in his heels, giving Bannon more power than ever. Remember Trump's response to criticism during the campaign? He never apologized or backed away. He doubled down. He won't be kept on a short leash, and with Bannon whispering in his ear, he'll be even more emboldened. I agree with the author. There is nothing remotely "normal" about any of this.