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Trump's First Deported "Bad Hombre" Is A Working Tax-Paying Mom of Two (American) Teenagers Who's Lived Here 22 Years


Trump's First Deported "Bad Hombre" Is A Working Tax-Paying Mom of Two (American) Teenagers Who's Lived Here 22 Years

Shocker: Seems the Trumpster Fire isn't going to deport all those "rapists," "violent criminals" and "drug dealers." Instead, his first victim is a 36-year-old woman who came here at 14, was once caught working without proper papers, and was locked in a van and driven away last night by immigration officials as her children cried and protesters chanted "This Is Wrong" and "Set Her Free!" She has reportedly now been deported to Nogales, Mexico. Feel safer yet?


Trump voters, if any of you are on this site, I hope you are proud of yourselves!
What an insane, mean-spirited country we've become. Karma will not be pleasant, brace yourselves!


They ain't listenin
They are asleep


Actually, I'm waiting for someone come here and suggest that all this stuff about the "illegals" is dividing, not uniting us and our Trump-voting brothers. We really need to be understanding and sympathetic to their views, blah-blah-blahh....


"We are a nation of laws" Yup and so is every other barbaric nation on the globe. Is this where empires go to die?


Deported to Nogales, Mexico? I have been to Nogales, Mexico and it is much like most other Mexican, border towns...horrible! Unless this poor woman has relatives in Nogales, she will probably be put through pure hell!


Within a year we will be living under a demagogue. He is the American version of Hitler.


It's hard to accept that our nation is doing this deportation to this poor woman, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, a wife and mother of two. How do you fairly and justly reunite this family?


Melania Trump worked here illegally. How often does she have to report to immigration officials? Think the van will be coming for her anytime soon?


We're living under a demagogue already.


Hard to accept? Vile and disgusting is far more like what Trump is doing, imho.


Just wait until he declares a national emergency and imposes martial law......then we can kiss our rights goodbye when the anti-terrorism laws go into full swing.

--- commondreams@discoursemail.com wrote:


That's an absurd non-sequitur. How many murders, and mass-murders, are committed each year by god-fearing 'legal' christians? The answer is, most of them. The fact that you can name two mothers who have kids that were killed by illegal immigrants speaks more to your ignorance than to the immigrants who you are trying to paint with a broad paint brush.


Hey, that's good one.


Hey, I saw a special about Birth of a Nation the movie- good grief- it make it look like the Klan members were heroes! And that my friends is what we are witnessing today.


You're right, 'they ain't listenin' but they sure as phk aren't asleep, their moving 24/7 to take all your rights away.....don't be fooled.


I'm sorry but that is just a really phkd up attitude and you can go suck a few eggs. Just phkn sick.


Man, you are SO barking up the wrong tree. How many mothers have had their kids killed by police who live here legally? How many mothers have had their kids killed by accidental gun shots fired by people or children who live here legally? By rampages, armed rampages by people who live here legally, in schools, movie theaters, shopping centers, religious institutions..... Where you gonna build those walls to protect those victims?

How can you even THINK such a hateful and benighted thing, much less say it?

Maybe you ought to talk to Tamir Rice's mom....or sister.


None of this could happen if we had an actual Functioning Press and a de-Monopolized Media, where situations like this would be regularly subjected to the Light of Day, and not solely hidden away on sites like this, where only people, who are Concerned Enough, can dig and find them.


This is the Conservative Republican way of acting out on their basic political philosophy of "I've got mine, screw you!" Guadalupe, if your name was Melania and you had worked here illegally as an immigrant, you wouldn't be reporting annually to ICE, your sugar daddy would be running ICE and you would be be home with your kids in a golden palace. America, WATCH YOUR CROTCH!