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Trump's First Presidential NYC Visit to Be "Drowned Out" By Protests

Trump's First Presidential NYC Visit to Be "Drowned Out" By Protests

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump's visit to New York on Thursday will be met with protests to "drown out" his planned speech at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum.

“Real New York values”? Is that some kind of joke? Real estate values: now there’s some “real New York values,” perhaps the only ones they know. (I lived there for many years.)

Seriously folks. Until these protests stop focusing on the person of Trump and very specifically target his policies, they will be meaningless.

Just as a reminder, deposed Queen Hillary just said “I am part of the Resistance.”

Until “the Resistance” distances itself from such mass murderers, it will go absolutely nowhere.

Drumpf has re-empowered a once-moribund Republican establishment. It is by far his biggest sin. Replacing that with the now moribund Democratic establishment is not an option, at least if we really care about our planet and country.

We should be doing everything possible to help people like Gabbard, Kucinich, Nader, and others to create a third way. The alternative is endless conflict, at home and abroad, and a future of death.


Well said. The focus should always be specific policy. That’s the only way to get away from identity politics. It’s not the Person nor the Party that should matter. It’s the Policy. If you want to protest racist policies and refusing to let immigrants into the country, then you need to also be protesting the racist wars and regime changes that create those immigrants.


Ugh…until you learn the difference between the two parties and which one will actually give you a voice, there’s not hope of change. And Kucinich??? And Hillary a mass murderer? Are you old enough to remember gw bush? It’s republicans that depend on war and lie lie lie to go to them. And…without republican fox news, there wouldn’t have been an Iraq war.
Your choices don’t have a chance of winning and the same thing will happen that happened in the last election.
Nothing will every change until big dark money is out of elections, something Dems are fighting for, and a republican Congress has no control of gov’t. The Koch spent a billion dollars in the states because…‘We’ve learned how to spend our money in the state elections to control government from the inside.’’


Well said! Thank you!

Just drown the rat that is DJT!

This is great, great, great. Since his only style is bombast and screaming at people, now give it to him so hard he pees in his diaper. Loud and Louder. All day into the night!

From Truthdig:

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Yes, because Trump and fascism will be so much better for the planet…

Why a “few” (long, New York) blocks away? Why don’t they storm the site of the speech? When will USAns wake up and realize that we live in what are probably the waning days when one can still protest without risk of life. We need to take advantage of this now!

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The resistance is doing fine so far. I am glad to hear that Hillary Clinton considers herself to be part of the resistance. That just makes the resistance stronger. And she can get more press ripping Trump, which she did very well, than most. Everyone from Joseph Lieberman to Ralph Nader should be part of the resistance. The issue is Trump. Fascist, ignorant, bully, impulsive. Almost any negative trait for being president and Trump has it. Full of conflicts of interest and perceived corruption. The resistance is resisting Trump. The resistance is on the course it should be on. It just has to keep going and gain further strength.

I completely agree. See the link I posted below.

I do enjoy reading the elite and sometimes highly childish middle class liberal loser comments from NYC residents.

So you know!! The rest of the country despises your values, attitudes and petulant behavior. Enjoy the Trumpster form the next 8 yrs. and NO Federal money.

YOU ARE GOING TO HELL FIRST. Get in line, you will die an early death,