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Trump's Food Box Program Running Dry as US Hunger Crisis Heads Into Holidays

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/trumps-food-box-program-running-dry-us-hunger-crisis-heads-holidays

I say, the White House should be vacated and used only to house the homeless.

They’ll most likely never get the stink out that the Trump clan has made with their bad behavior.

Let the hungry “eat cake” I guess.

The food box, so called, is run strangely. A neighbor, a single man, was toward the front of the line waiting for the food give away to start. When he got there they gave him a half dozen or more boxes and a half dozen gallons of milk.
Seems like some others might have missed out when it is distributed thusly.

Well the families who received food boxes could sell Trump’s signature on the paper inside the box, on Ebay. That’s what the hurricane victims in Lake Charles, LA. did after the first storm, and I hear they are all doing great now. /s

“Unreal Trump offers His Signature To Sell On Ebay - Lake Charles Hurricane Visit”
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