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Trump's "Frightening" Pick for Top Census Job Thinks "Competitive Elections Are Bad for America"

Trump's "Frightening" Pick for Top Census Job Thinks "Competitive Elections Are Bad for America"

Julia Conley, staff writer

Thomas Brunell is a political science professor with no government experience, and would politicize the agency tasked with counting every resident of the U.S.

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I have worked on redistricting in the past, party membership should not be a consideration when drawing representative districts. Simply make them as compact as possible with simple geographic boundaries.


Count on connivance

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“Merely” another manifestation of Don’s dislike of democracy (he thinks the flag pin disguises the fact).

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The U.S. Census should never be politicized! Period. It must reflect demographic realities, as accurately as possible. The Census is one of the very first things that the Founders established as a Federal responsibility, to keep it as free as possible from interference by inter-state competition and jealousies. The 1st Census was taken in 1790! It has traditionally remained apolitical. It is critical to fair and effective governance that it remain so.

The Republicans are trying to make everything into a political football (even football itself)!

Being incompetent is a requirement to be one of Trumps yes men.

Trump was elected President and the Congress and Senate are ruled by Republicans.

If anything, that proves that elections are bad.

That they are uncompetitive goes without saying.

Neither major party wants ‘competitive’ elections.