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Trump's Frightening Puerto Rico Moment: "This Is An Island. Surrounded by Water. Big Water, Ocean Water."


Trump's Frightening Puerto Rico Moment: "This Is An Island. Surrounded by Water. Big Water, Ocean Water."

Just a Friday reminder that there is nothing normal—or comforting—about the current president


One of Drump’s heroes, Mussolini, was called Il Duce (“The Leader”). I am officially calling Trump Il Douche. Because he is. Bigly.

Lord God, what a moron.


And the dimwit said that PR was surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, a “very big ocean” omitting the fact that the Caribbean Sea surrounds its southern and western coasts and the North Atlantic Ocean border its northern and eastern coasts. Guess we should be thankful that he got at least the general vicinity partially right…


That is his con. he talks gibberish while he picking your pocket.


This is part of a SNL skit of the movie Idiocracy, right?

I am tempted to rewatch the 1979 movie Being There to see again Peter Sellers’ characterization of Chancy Gardner.


What a friggin’ retard! Water? Big water? Who the flok talks that way? Yeah I know – our retard/dotard!


Yes, and he seriously makes all of us ill! :nauseated_face:


I just watched Warren Beatty’s movie Reds with the focus being a worker’s revolution. Warren Beatty played Jack Reed a journalist that becomes involved in the socialist movement and then the Russian revolution. It is based on a true story with testimony from people that actually knew Jack Reed and Louise Bryant.


An island surrounded by water. Whodda thunk.


Obviously a 5th-grader took pity on him and helped him find it on a map!


Agreed, he is a con man but I think he is intellectually “challenged” and has absolutely no intellectual curiosity because in his mind, he already knows everything and has all the answers. He has the attention span of a fruit fly, obviously. And if his speech is meant to appeal (ad nauseum) to his pig-headed, ignorant, stupid base, then he has been successful. His education level is that of maybe a fifth-grader (who probably has a much greater knowledge of geography and history).


He reminds me of a con man I use to know, we were friends. It is a compulsive behavior. I use to tell him, hey cut that out remember me I know you. He might also have some dementia. Seriously, though when he does that better hold onto your wallet.


Every single moment involving Trump, is a frightening fucking moment.


A great film.


I suspect this was an insidious remark to suggest that Puerto Ricans who do not have drinking water and running our of food can just drink the salty water and go fishing–literally–for food.




“He says what I’m thinking.”
-the Trump voter


Please, make it stop!

And who are the smiling idiots behind him?


Or not, as the case may be.


At my federal government workplace, a co-worker has put a huge, near-life-sized poster of Trump on his office door. The poster was defaced (with a moutache) once, and quietly taken down twice - by other employees - the most recent time by me last week. The co-worker was back in the office today, (after taking lots of leave - more than Trump would ever give any of his employees - for a wife’s pregnancy), and the Trump poster was back up. I checked the plotter’s print log, and sure enough, he is using federal property and supplies for printing this obscenity.

I had to do something, so at the end of the day, I printed a somewhat smaller sized portrait of a certain Senator from Vermont (I confess - also using the government plotter and ink) and put it on my door.

Anyone care to guess who gets in big trouble? (Hint: A majority of my federal government workplace - probably including our center chief - voted for Trump. Go figure…)