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Trump's GOP Worked Harder to Stop People From Voting Than They Did to Stop Covid-19 From Spreading

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/03/trumps-gop-worked-harder-stop-people-voting-they-did-stop-covid-19-spreading


Here’s what boosts my (uncharacteristic, but naggingly persistent) optimism: Orangeman’s voter-suppression spectacle has evidently given new meaning to the word “counterproductive” – producing a torrent of early votes putting USA on pace for the highest voter-turnout in 150 years (according to Amy Goodman). We finally stumbled upon a way to get people to vote, for a damn change, in USA: get overt about voter-suppression and, by golly, enough self-respect remains in the polity to make a special effort in response. I can’t believe turnout like this could be good news for our tottering dictator.


ABC the View this morning. The republican employee told us that when covid19 hit in March and April, the democrats stopped, stood down. But the republicans did not, and continued their election work.

Today, election day, that is the difference.
The democrats have quietly signed up millions of our younger people and they are engaged, becoming active citizens, voting. So have the republicans. And their supporters simply prove that education has failed in america (small a).

Also advised that Trump cannot win without North Carolina.
We may not know who has 270 or more for a few days.

Riots? Boarding up store windows. Not accepting true results?


Great headline, CD!

The state to watch is Wisconsin as they do not permit votes to be counted until polls close to night. You can bet the GOP is working overtime to stop the counting. With millions of votes waiting to be counted, there is no way the vote counting can be finished by tonight, Wednesday at the earliest according to NPR. Originally the state had a 9 day grace period but for the Tea Party GOP.

Our youth are very engaged and know we must fight for a livable future and so are turning out in record numbers. Hats off!


This is what the Republican Party repeatedly gets away with: While constantly invoking themes of patriotism and reverence for the American Dream/Way, they stop people from voting.


I have yet to hear any news about threats or mitigations involving good ol-fashioned electronic vote tampering. My county has finally evolved away from touch screen machines but I don’t know of any protections for the code that reads the paper ballots. Gotta hope…


Thank You!
Why this was not repeated throughout America…

Course its not who votes its who counts

Trump’s GOP Worked Harder to Stop People From Voting Than They Did to Stop Covid-19 From Spreading

They failed in both cases.

In terms of voting, the Repubs certainly succeeded in many cases. I hope the backlash overcame the effect of those illegally removed from the voting ranks, but that does not mean many individuals were denied the right to vote or scared away from voting.

Yup. Trump was put on the cross of COVID and resurrected after three days - the Orange Messiah.
Calling BS.
I have a couple of those oximeters and the readings the Bleach House physicians claimed were what they used to justify getting Trump to Walter Reed are within normal. Mine hover a little higher or around the same range (just below 95%) and there are a number of possible reasons for such readings.
Assuming that Trump really did “have something” he still got early and better and more attention (they didn’t really say much about treatment and mentioned a number of totally experimental and unproved “remedies” for treatment). There is no way to compare. Had he really been knocked of his feet as hard as others he would not have come back as he did. I’m not convinced.
Then there are his “doctors” (quote marks are important here). Considering that his earlier doctor, Ronny Jackson, just got a house seat in Texas and had previously given Trump a healthier than all get out report early on I suspect the heck out of his current set of doctors. I would call them stage-crew for the Trump show rather than doctors. They were just too darn cagey about Trump’s diagnosis and treatment(s).

Nairn always goes right to the kernel. No wonder he’s not widely seen on TV (although he was on tonight’s “Democracy Now”).

Yes, the Republicans certainly succeeded in disenfranchising many voters. The failure that I was referring to is in the election outcome. Despite all their efforts to rig the election, block people from voting, and discard ballots, Biden has won, though not by much.

Nevertheless, with the pandemic, the impending economic collapse, climate crisis, etc. we are in for hard times. With 50 million US citizens voting for Trump despite him being a White Supremacist and an inept moron the situation is challenging. Rather than taking efforts to raise the consciousness of these 50 million, the Democrat Party and is certain to shift to the right.

Hi Aleph_Null

Caroline here from the bizarro (to put it mildly) state of Wisconsin.

No sleep—my daughter and I up most of the night feeling ill, not from covid (thankfully) but from anger, grief, anxiety (the cause of said anxiety can be specifically named—it is not “free floating”).

Had to resort to taking one of the last remaining precious Zofran dissolving tablets (miracle anti-nausea drug) that I’ve been hoarding since they were prescribed for a stomach flu virus last year! I’m now down to 2 :frowning:

Since you offer a wealth of information on so many topics including covid, wondering what your thoughts are about this:

h-ttps://www.seattletimes.com/business/denmark-wants-to-cull-all-farmed-minks-over-covid-fears/Denmark wants to cull all farmed minks over COVID fearsNov. 4, 2020 at 8:17 am Updated Nov. 4, 2020 at 8:18 am

By the Associated Press The Associated Press

“It is very, very serious,” Frederiksen said. “Thus, the mutated virus in minks can have devastating consequences worldwide.”

How are you processing the “election” results so far?

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During the weekend following the announcement of TrumPutin’s COVID-19 diagnosis, I was struck by the sickening thought that this was yet another stunt by the reality-TV Nero. Purely speculative because I don’t want to propagate yet more wild conspiracy theories, but I share your skepticism about how legitimate was the claim that he had been infected; as you aptly put it, the medical team was “just too darn cagey about Trump’s diagnosis and treatment(s).”

And, yes, I also noted the Christlike time period of his Mussolini-like return to the WhiteSupremacist House. TrumPutin certainly has been crowing about his “miraculous” recovery to his gullible base at his endless Trumpenberg rallies, even as COVID-19 cases rise in the wake of those rallies as part of their slavish sacrifice to developing herd immunity (or “herd mentality,” as TrumPutin once revealingly called it), another example of the quacks TrumPutin relies upon, in this case yet another unqualified “expert,” the Hudson Institute’s Scott Atlas.

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Hi there,

Mink farming is so horrible to contemplate. What’s the deal with showing off dead animal hides? The furrier is a strange one, for sure, and the poor mink is just a caged vegetable. I’m thinking if there’s reincarnation, I hope Orangeman comes back as a mink.

Last night I actually went over the edge, gastrointenstinally, if you read my meaning, around 2 AM. About then the race was seeming exactly like 2016 and I was starting to wonder what the hell would happen to NOAA now, under the heel of the mad dictator indefinitely.

Today the news-mood has bounced back, largely thanks to Wisconsin cheering everyone up! Wall Street is delighted at the prospect of absolute gridlock with McConnell hanging on. If only the mad dictator can be dispatched now. It’s time. I’m not fussy and not asking for much more (which is just as well, because Californians voted like total jerks, on all the initiatives, as usual).

Perfectly reasonable. Note that since he left the hospital, no word about his condition.