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Trump's Greenlights Another 'Violent, Destructive' Assault on Marine Life With Seismic Testing Approval

Trump's Greenlights Another 'Violent, Destructive' Assault on Marine Life With Seismic Testing Approval

Jon Queally, staff writer

Defenders of ocean habit and marine life are up in arms on Friday as the Trump administration is set to approve new abilities for the fossil fuel industry to conduct widescale and "deafening" underwater seismic in federal waters off the U.S. Atlantic coast.

The decision is expected to come from the National Marine Fisheries Service, a division of the Commerce Department, but conservation groups say it is a smack in the face to ocean ecosystems and a political nonstarter they vow to fight tooth and nail.


Stick one of these charges up Herr Trump’s butt, and see how he likes it.


We’re not alone in this- we must not just contact each other but wake up and contact the organizations that fight this such as Green Peace, and Sea Shepard as well as our cowards in congress. Dump is also known as an animal hater- guess he forgot he is an animal.

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Just contacting each other with silly sayings is not going to cut it. Contact Green Peace, and Sea Shepard as well as your coward in congress.

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Contacting won’t do much good unless we purge the money out of politics. And even MBS could tell Trump at a private meeting that there will a few hundred million waiting for him under a rock on an island that his guards will protect until Trump is a civilian and wants to come and collect. Wild story but you get my drift. Why all this money in politics isn’t corruption is beyond me. There should be a zero tolerance policy.



Trying to post the above repeatedly , but CD–get rid of the Grammar Police app. (So I had to write this crap)

Yes ma’am.

And on tonight’s BBC news, hundreds of pilot whales washed up on NZ beaches.

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Reply buttons are not working today. Yes Nature Boy, whale get beached because their sonar is out of whack, or the noise in the ocean is too high.

Can’t Congress make laws against this? Seems like there oughta be a law against this kind of thing…

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Money over beauty every time. Say goodbye to life(including us) on earth.

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Trump would fit right in with the unindicted co conspirators of manifest destiny of the eighteen seventies , even to the point of the smallpox laced trade blankets. He and his ilk are a serious threat to the general life, as we know it, of the planet.


Congress couldn’t come to a consensus on ordering a pizza. Choosing life over oil and coal profits should be an easy call or so a rational person would believe. Too many negatives in combustion generated energy to make it useful but too many profit from our children’s coming abject horror.

The system was supposed to be such that the Congress made the laws and the executive branch carried them out, right? Soooo, the problem is not Trump. It is Congress.

The problem is that Congress is confused about its constituency. Must repeal Citizens United.

Tears of rage here. I can’t take any more. So that the 1% can live in unimaginable luxury we are destroying the planet. Overpopulation. Billions living in poverty. When does it end? It doesn’t. I don’t think I’ll write any more postings. It doesn’t help. I’ll keep on reading the rest of you. There are some good ideas out there. Thank you all.

I hear you. I hardly post anything anymore for the same reason. All I can say is, given the sixth extinction (and it is a given), there may yet be peace on Earth (without us). I hope you find a way to ease your mind.