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Trumps Hair and My Teeth: Healthcare in the Age Oligarchy


Trumps Hair and My Teeth: Healthcare in the Age Oligarchy

Donna Smith

A few who are reading this won’t know what plush carpeting is, so the title of this piece may not make sense. I am not writing about Donald Trump’s hair as the plush carpeting. One definition I found read like this, “Plush carpets offer a dense, luxuriously soft flooring option.” When my husband, Larry, told me that his father offered up the statement about the carpets as sage advice about seeking services from health care providers or other professionals, I got it instantly. Larry’s dad was simply stating the reality that providers who spend their resources on expensive interior design


Thank-you Donna. Your articles always fill me with righteous anger at The Fucking Clueless Rich and their fucking capitalist system. They can all go to hell. In the name of God, they can all go to hell - and someday, we will organize, rise up and speed-up their trip there.


Go for it Donna. Go for the jugular of the scum capitalists who think that the rest of the US population can go to hell.

If you can’t afford to take care of your teeth, well allow this government to at least advance you a pittance toward having them all extracted. If Washington could have removable wooden teeth, why can’t your average contemporary USAins have them. Let’s train trade mechanics as tooth extractors. Lets train carpenters and woodworkers to sculpt wooden teeth. That should help to keep the cost down.

As Charley Brown would have said, “Good grief, what the f***”. ( I apologize, I added the second part of the phrase.)


The Dental lobby must be all powerful to have continued to keep dental care out of medicare from its beginning. Mexico a crown is around 120.00 to 180.00, depending on the dentist and of course negotiating. 1,054.00 for the last one done where I live.


As a Canadian with our Medicare program, we are still not covered for dental health unless it is directly affecting another health concern! Many of us are fortunate enough to have private plan coverage, but not all people do. In the Capitalist scheme of things it makes more sense to the wealthy to invest in several Air Force ‘fighters’ to protect their interests, as offer all citizens of the USA with any medical coverage! Good luck in the future, but with news that the private jail system is supporting Hillary…forget it!


Getting drilled

In every sense of the term


Back in the “old days” when my stepfather was in practice as a dentist, he’d pull your teeth for about $6.50 a tooth (minimum wage was $1 an hour back then). He had a lot of business and actually earned a pretty good living pulling teeth. He said that the young dentists hated him because they “saved” teeth which meant regular profits down the road. You will find it hard to find a dentist now who will pull teeth simply because there is a lot more money to be made “saving” teeth. Which means regular cleanings, repairs, root canals and gold crowns. All of which are highly profitable…


Washington didn’t have wooden teeth. He did have false teeth but they weren’t wooden ones. Most likely they were carved from ivory but there was a thriving business at the time of false teeth being made from human teeth. Washington at the time was one of - if not the richest man in the colonies, could easily afford it BTW.


I am constantly amazed at how idiotic the healthcare system is in the United States, although I must say some of the finest people I have ever known are health care providers.


I’ve been through that, feeling like less than a person because I didn’t have thousands for dental care and feeling additionally bad for my husband, who was working as hard as he could (and died young because of it). It’s just not right. Thanks for writing about this.


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The idea of just “pulling teeth” instead of repairing and replacing them is archaic and barbaric. Teeth are a key part of health.


Dental insurance is one big joke. I pay about $500 a year but it will only cover up to $1500 a year. I go to an out of network dentist so I don’t get full coverage. The in-network dentists are not as good as my current dentist. Where I live, a crown costs about $1500. As regards Medicare, the GOP candidates have been talking about dismantling and destroying Medicare and replacing it with some bastardized privatized voucher system. NONE of the Democrats are talking about destroying Medicare; Bernie wants to strengthen Medicare.


This is heartbreaking Donna. I’m reading this from across the pond in the UK. I have to tell you that America scares the hell out of me - not just because of what it already is, but because it is a bellweather of where the UK will be in a few years time. I cannot even comprehend the costs you talk about - how much do dentists earn in the US? It seems extortionate. I count myself extremely fortunate that, for the time being, we still have the NHS, one of the single greatest things that the UK did post WW2. Long may it continue. It makes me sad and angry to read your intelligent and insightful article, and to hear of the injustice that just seems to grow daily in countries where business interests and the 1% have managed to co-opt real democracy to their own ends, leaving just an empty husk in its place. For what its worth (it can’t be monetised!) you have my utmost sympathy. When will people wake up and stop voting against their own best interests due to swallowing the propaganda that they receive through the media? Best wishes to you from England.


What are you waiting for? When will that someday come?


Dear Donna, you are telling my story regarding dentistry and I can hardly wait until my so-called friends end up in the same situation as I.

For now, my friends have more resources than I do and that makes them arrogant. That means they have more money and maxed credit cards, and they have health care and dental. They have bragged about paying tens of thousands of dollars for themselves and their relatives for dental care….even with insurance.

I am ten years older than they are and I am retired. They know full well my situation and with their conservative “bent”, they have had the nerve to tell me if I want more I should go out and get a job and WORK FOR IT. I am 73 and not in the best of health. When the time comes, I will stick that remark straight up their asses. Please god let me live long enough to see them end up where all will eventually end up unless there is a revolution.

I recently heard an old radio program of Gore Vidal telling this conservative jerk, I forget his name for the moment, that if the government didn’t do more for the people, the people would take it and they would also take from him. That is called a revolution. I am ready for a revolution and if all I can do is carry the matches …. I am ready.


My dentists like to pull teeth. There is more money in bone-graphs and implants. Ten thousand dollars for two teeth.


I have a friend who has terrible teeth, partially genetics and partially because she is asthmatic. She shelled out a ton of money she doesn’t have trying to save the few decent teeth she has left, because she is in her 40s and can’t find a dentist who will do what she really wants-pull the lot of them and give her dentures. She is very tired of the pain.


The demtal business now does credit cards. So stay away from CREDIT CARE. It is a scam.


I am sorry for the dental pain, Donna, but having participated in Michael Moore’s film, “Sicko,” you surely know that options exist outside the U.S. that are cheaper and just as good as what you get inside the Homeland.

The flight to Costa Rica from Florida can be done for about $400 round trip. I am not sure from your area. (There are decent dental clinics in other places, too.) Root canal costs about $200, a cap costs $400 and a full implant, $1000 including the cap. I needed 3 implants and some bone grafting. The costs in the U.S. would run from $14,000-20,000 depending on where the procedures would be done. In opting for Costa Rica, it cost about $6800. (That sum includes hotel, food, and travel costs.) And since you can use a credit card, it can be paid over the course of 2-3 years.

I hope you’ll consider that option as many Americans and Canadians do. While I was there a year ago, I interviewed people. The stories were all varied and interesting. One man from Canada required anesthesia and this was done through a licensed pro at $500 each time. He needed 17 implants! I met a guy from Florida who wanted ALL his teeth capped. His Jacksonville dentist quoted him a price of $45,000 but in Costa Rica he got the entire thing done for about $18,000.

If you look at the disrepair of American cities, you realize that so much in the way of hype has been taught to citizens in thinking nothing is decent anywhere else. In fact, it’s getting better elsewhere all the time with American citizens left behind and chalked up as collateral damage to the MIC-corporate-bankster echelons.