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Trump's "Half-Blind" Trust Blasted as Absurd


Trump's "Half-Blind" Trust Blasted as Absurd

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump's team is reportedly considering setting up a "discretionary trust" that would allow Trump to distance himself from his businesses while still reaping their financial benefits—an arrangement that, as government watchdogs put it, is "inappropriate" at best and "a betrayal" at worst.


So the first order of business should be to throw Dick Cheney in the clink since this is precisely what he did.
He put his extensive Halliburton assets into a "blind trust" and then immediately directed lucrative no-bid contracts to his former company.
Surprise. Surprise. He reaped millions in profit.
In addition to jail time for Mr. Cheney, those windfall profits should be confiscated and given to the families of the people he murdered for profit.


"Half-blind"...what the hell does that mean? Oh, yeah...T-dump will only operate half the businesses while turning a blind eye to his duties as emperor-elect. He has no intention of divesting himself of his businesses. Emperors don't have to. In fact, he can use the empire to further those interests and fill the coffers of his spawn. There is no "conflict of interest" in his mini-mind because as ruler, he can reap the benefits of the crown while laying waste to the lands and enslaving the peasants. ...while Rome burns.


The key, of course, is don't swear him in until he sells off his assets and does the right thing by this country. If not, don't let him take office. He will then change the laws and make it legal for him to do what ever he chooses.


There is no way this can come to a good "end" for him.


He has done so many "inappropriate" things, but nothing is ever done about it. Why bother to publicize it if he continues to get away with all of this.


The idea of Trump and the word "ethics" appearing in the same article is almost too absurd to be true. He's spent his life avoiding that word and its meaning - as far as he understands what any word means. The man is really really trying to be a "great leader" (like Putin or those Korean guys or Hitler - not Musollini, he's a "loser") but he is just too ignorant and stupid to know how to do that.

The poor guy was ignored by his Daddy until the oldest, favorite son drank himself to death. Donnie has done his best to prove to Daddy that he's no wimp... by gosh, he even shaved Vince McMahon's head right there on the TeeVee!!!

Let him keep blathering. I give him 12 months before the GOP takes away his Twitter account (so his son Barron won't be woken in the middle of the night to send those stupid tweets anymore) and quietly ship him off to a private retreat for some well deserved rest and recreation. Leaving us to deal with Mike Pence.


There are too many people concerned about this conflict of interest and or blind or half-blind trust issue. Trump does not care---Repeat--Trump does not care and all the howling and crying of foul won't change that. If his intentions aren't clear to you yet then let me help you: Trump intends to establish what is in fact a Dictatorship. The only way to force anything---Blind trust---half-blind trust---relinquishing all assets and the like----is by way of impeachment. And--he has calculated that won't happen unless & until the Democrat party obtains not only a majority---but a sizable majority (2/3rds of both houses or close to it). That appears not to be a threat anytime soon---so in the mean time---get used to Trump doing as he pleases---and absolutely no one other than a unified Congress being able to do anything about it. That my friend is both the short and long term future we are looking at. Hell---you're saying it's absurd to talk about half-blind trusts----I ask you this----how much less absurd is that then Donald Trump being the 45th President of the United States and occupying the Seat once held by Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D Roosevelt, & John F Kennedy and the like?????? You can throw concepts of absurdity---out of the window.


He's a sociopath -read: He does not care. Disgusting rethugs nominate a person who denigrates people with a disability.


This is a relatively young country; America SuperPower and One Indespensible Nation, of course, Worldly Ace of Aces. Give it a chance, Trump could be only a small sample size, of how badly we'll someday really, awesomely, earnestly and brazenly screw the pooch.


Half-blind, huh?

"Watching through my fingers, watching through my fingers" -- Bastille, "Good Grief". This presidency is 100% about Mr. Trump's personal (often sexual or presexual) satisfaction.


I am afraid you are correct. All this babble about wait and see. I don't need to wait and see as there is plenty of history as to the kind of person he is. If anyone thinks he is magically going to begin singing kumbaya then I'm arfaid they are going to be sadly disappointed. But then we can wait and see...


While I wouldn't argue with sociopath I think the a more accurate diagnosis is narcissistic personality disorder.


I worked the last nine years of my employee life as a receptionist/clerk typist at a tax funded mental health clinic. We used to have monthly luncheons sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies who were trying to curry favor with the prescribers on the staff -- until the city/county made a change disallowing the drug companies from doing that. Until they stopped it deciding it was a kind of corruption, but before they did they would sponsor presentations by psychiatrists.

One I particularly remember was a forensic therapist who, among other interesting background adventures, had managed the criminal psych unit at the well known prison Rikers in New York. He said that those with narcissistic personality disorder were the most troublesome of all patients -- worse than the anger and violence prone antisocial personality disorder patients,

The President Elect fits the DSM profile perfectly -- so by the way does Kanye West. The narcissistic personality disorder types believe that the rules others have to adhere to don't apply to them, that they're better than any stupid inhibiting rules. So we have one as our Chief Executive Officet and Commander in Chief of our military industrial spook spy complex for the next four years. People of liberal progressive sentiments all are in agreement that Team Trump must be opposed or else great harm will be done to an already harmed up country. But opposing the NPD types often goads them into doubling down on whatever they're doing, We've seen Donald Trump exhibit this kind of behavior already and are sure to see more. We are in for an interesting next near history phase indeed.


"Half blind trust," is that like being half pregnant, or is it more like half telling the truth? Seems like The Donald is having a difficult time with declaring himself "All In," for assuming the full duties and responsibilities of being POTUS. Be careful Donald, anyone can be fired. Remember POTUS #37? He too thought he could make up his own rules of the game.


Half-blind trust for a half-blind America? What the hell happened? I know that I'm half-awake, but I have to keep half-slapping myself anyway. I half-imagine that this will all work itself out half-somehow.


The election of the duffus says more about the electorate than it says about 'the Don' of hypocrisy burgeoning in the USA.


One thing: you dont have to worry about calling him Mr. Cheney in front of us. You can just call him Dick :smiley:


Has there been a Prez ever that has spent time before office going to the ethics commity? I can think of one off the top of my head, at least not publicised. My buddy said the other day, 'Trump is a Capitalist. He got where he is today by selling out.' I thought it was an excellent point.


Warren's legislation will go nowhere. Republicans and Democrats have been taking advantage of this little loophole for years so why would they vote to end it?

Ethics?! Who gives a crap about ethics when there's obscene amounts of money to be made!