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Trump's 'Harvest Boxes:' A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Idea


Trump's 'Harvest Boxes:' A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Idea

Katherine Paul

It’s not every day that the crowd at a Washington, D.C. policy conference gets rowdy. But that was the scene on Tuesday (Feb. 26) at the National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference.

It happened when the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) top nutrition official (and keynote speaker) Brandon Lipps touted Trump’s “America’s Harvest Box” scheme. Reporting on the event, Politico said the crowd erupted in boos and laughter. About 20 people walked out.


Harvest boxes seem to just be a morphing of the infamous corruption of the school lunch program into a corporate cronyism subsidy. What is needed is to send real food into food deserts at affordable prices–not “food” that has been stripped of almost all nutritional value. The shelf-stable food I keep in my home comprise my hurricane rations. I seldom eat much that won’t rot (ice cream exception invoked). Why should I make my gut bacteria fight against preservatives and pesticides? So that they can revolt against me? I think not. Let’s get real nutrition into SNAP so that the recipients may have the best chance of feeling their best and potentially getting back on their feet and into more fulfilling situations. It’s a no-brainer.


Doesn’t “harvest boxes” make the kleptocracy’s USDA appear to be your local community supported agriculture (CSA) ? LOL, only because if I didn’t laugh at this it would make me cry.

Utilizing a term like “harvest boxes” confirms that the GOP continues to be the undisputed leader in controlling language and taking propaganda strategy pioneered by Goebbels to new heights.


Many decades ago, I worked for a while in public school and ate the lunches. The Harvest Box concept of prepared, mass produced food was in full swing…very unhealthy and I felt the effects for a long time after. Kids suffered too from longer duration.


Since it will not ultimately save money why are they proposing this? Nothing more than to humiliate ‘the useless eaters’. It was not long ago I remember the resentment coming from the Right Wing about SNAP recipients should not be allowed to use their miserable ‘benefits’ to buy organic foods.

I eat only one meal a day as it is. If this passes I will be ready with a thick, permanent magic marker and will write across the box: Return to sender. Not fit for human consumption!

I think I will write this as a letter to the editor. Hopefully, more people will join me. Beggars can’t be choosy?? Says who?


Dang, you should have more than one meal a day. Doesn’t your community have food resources like second harvest. There is a lot of food that simply goes to waste that could be used to supplement nutrition. And yes I agree, some food actually causes more harm than good. I wouldn’t eat “harvest box” either.


But that would be giving everyone equal access to opportunity!

Corporations and Regressive Republicans will have none of this talk of equality.



Harvest boxes we pick up weekly are filled with local grown produce (<100 mi.), fruits and veggies. Granted you’ve got to learn to like and to cook with them or they go to waste too. For instance, I always hated beets but in season: 2 a week. Others in my family like them, but that may not be always the case.


Are the beets genetically modified and do you know where the food comes from?


I will if Trump and his ENTIRE family will?Can they ALL eat that for a week, no cheating? Does the “Harvest Box” come with fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry or fish? What about alternative diet needs?


check out this video about harvest box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLOR3KH6Q10&t=2s


All local farms. Many in and near Wilcox and Benson. The farm name is on the paper in the box with their produce. As for GMO beets…


Yes, but you still have no choice where your food comes from and it wouldn’t meet the needs for someone on a therapeutic diet.


True that!


lets feed all of America via food bank logistics directly via mail. Then lets do all of Europe. lets feed them all. food bank boxes via mail recipes and directions. Force all doctors to prescribe it no one should starve while under a doctor’s care. Get active and stay active we can feed them all. lots of methods to be active on this i implore u exsplore and good luck. U don’t need a elected president to do this.