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Trump's Horror Show in Helsinki


Trump's Horror Show in Helsinki

Ryan Cooper

President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday in Helsinki. They had a private, apparently unrecorded conversation, and then gave a joint press conference.

It was one of the most bizarre and disturbing events in which an American president has ever participated.


Perhaps we were all wrong about the supposed “pee” tape.

Instead of Russian hookers, perhaps, it’s Putin that’s peeing on Trump.


While the US should have much “better relations:” with 'Russia" (the people, not the oligarchs, or the thug Putin necessarily) trump was and remains ill-equipped to carry it off in any semblance of a rational and communicative way. The trump narcissism and mental illness ego, not to mention his utter lack of international relations or history, experience, and common sense wisdom make trump unqualified to do other tham muck things up…as we saw clearly in the Putin meting and with European leaders…he is a political idiot bull in a china shop…tooting his own horn mouth before wisdom.

“one of the key differences between the Gavrilov channel and the Trump-Putin meeting was that the CIA always insisted on having at least two American officers present – no one from the CIA could meet the KGB alone.” - “trump was reckless to ignore that with Putin”

That said some normalization with the Russian state is much needed, warranted and just. the MICC needs enemies to “justify” the theft/diversion of trillions from civilian priorities to military for-profit waste and fraud! For-profit war and the war-machine/arms industry "defense establishment is LONG overdue for a serious reckoning and reining-in! Creating “enemies” to justify those trillions given to connected arms manufacturers and dealers is not in Americas interests…only those of a small well-connected group…like eric prince & sister, et al!


The country that should pledge “not to take any future aggressive moves” is the USA, not Russia. That you fail to mention the long history of our own meddling in elections around the world, the tragic impact of our undeclared wars, our continuing expansion of NATO and encirclement of Russia, as well as our media’s and congress’s slavish devotion to CIA and Pentagon “experts,” disqualifies you as a balanced analyst.


The divisions among CD commentators strike me as a consequence of a lot of dichotomizing and single-issue concerns, as if all of the following could not at once be true:

  1. Putin is no good, a friend only to Russsian oligarchs
  2. Trump is no good, a friend only to American oligarchs
  3. Russophobia and cold-warmongering is rampant in the US
  4. It would be a good thing for Russians and Americans to grow closer and cooperate
  5. Russians do bad (and good) things
  6. Americans do bad (and good) things
  7. The American media ignores or downplays the bad things done by our “friends”


What a bunch of gingoistic macho man mythology war-mongering horseshit this article is. Obviously Deep State PSYOP crap, as if MSNBC isn’t doing a fine enough job destroying the world.


This could simply be payback by Trump for the way he has been treated by the US government and the business community. He has not forgotten that the US sued him for discriminating against blacks in his rental apartment houses in Queens back in the 1970’s, And he stiffed by US banks when he tried to borrow money during a period of extreme financial difficulty with his real estate holdings. It appears that it was Russian banks that in effect threw him a lifeline. He apparently owes his recovery from impending financial ruin to the Russians. So from personal experience he probably has positive feelings toward Russia and the Russian government that most people don’t have. And he has surrounded himself with people who also have seen career boosts due to Russia from consulting contracts, etc. He seems to be very motivated to hurt the US in any way he can. Whether it is by promoting the most vile type of racism, disrupting ties with allies, or working in the interests of the Russian government. It all seems very childish and he does seem to be someone who has failed to mature. During the primary he acted like a middle school kid calling his opponents names. He is able to remain in power because he ignited a white nationalist movement in the US the most people thought could not happen. It appeared when he stated that Barack Obama was not born in the US that the match was lit and the white nationalists found a leader. He immediately jumped to the top of the polls for Republican candidates for president. He didn’t pursue the candidacy at time but did for year later and won on a racist platform that featured building a wall along the Mexican border, deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants, and a Muslim ban. .


Emphyrio, the headlines under the second and third photos you attached are exactly right. However, Donny boy, as we both know, is the the absolute worst person from whom to expect any positive input. Interesting times indeed. I definitely am not a Putin basher, as I have listened to around five or so hours of his interviews over the years. He is Russia’s president, not ours. Lucky them, he speaks coherently, consistently, and is forward thinking with a great deal of respect of the historical struggles through which his region has endured.


The ‘Russia Did It’ investigation is interesting in that both Trump and the Dems are using it to stir up their bases.

The Dems exaggerate the role of Russia to distract from and cast blame for their incredibly dismal track record in elections, specifically Hillary’s colossal failure in 2016.

Trump constantly screams ‘no collusion-I believe Putin’ to undercut the notion that Russia helped him win, which delegitimizes his election.

Oddly, Trump is getting more mileage out of his stance with his base. His approval rating amongst Rs is 90%.

That blue wave in November? Looking less and less likely.


"Putin — a merciless authoritarian who is building an alliance of reactionary plutocrats. "
One thing has always puzzled me. If Putin is so repressive and authoritarian over his poor abused Russian people, why does he have an 80% approval rating there?
The normal, anti Putin, response is that the approval rating is not accurate, probably manipulated by King Vladimir himself. But this has been disproven over and over throughout the last 15 years.


It’s pretty obvious to me–Russia has something on Trump!


Paul Jay at the RealNews network has a good analysis on this topic.


Dump and Put in are private business partners. The cat is still in the bag.


As does Norman Solomon (being interviewed by Paul Jay on RNN). If only this view wasn’t so much in the minority.


Only a very ignorant individual would describe Russia as small and weak!


Common Dreams why are you running this ding a ling; he’s so full of it I don’t want to waste any more time commenting. He should stick to the New Republic and the WaPo. Keep up this crap and I will stop contributing $$.
The comment about Russia being small and weak seems to indicate his mind is back in the early '90s when Clinton’s economic advisors collaborated with Boris Yeltsin to destroy the Russian economy. Putin may be corrupt but he has a brilliant political mind which outclasses most US political hacks. He has brought Russia out of those dark days to be a major world force and fighter of terrorism. Which is why America’s compromised politicians hate him


What’s with this US liberal fascination with Putin/Russia?

I’m pretty sure that any meddling they may have done in a US election pales before the meddling the USA has done in places such as Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Angola, Greece, Jugoslavia…


We need to dehumanize our “adversaries” in order to justify our bloated military.