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Trump's Huge Failure


Trump's Huge Failure

Bob Burnett

After promising to "repeal and replace Obamacare on day one [of his presidency]", Donald Trump suffered an ignominious rejection on day 64.

True to form, Trump took no responsibility for the defeat of the Republican plan (the American Health Care Act) but, instead, blamed Democrats. Trump had attempted a "full-court press" to secure passage of his plan but was not successful winning over Tea-Party Republicans and, at the end, moderate Republicans who objected to last minute changes to the bill.

What have we learned?


Trump and the GOP will do whatever it takes to confirm SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch and any other SCOTUS nominations that may arise if either of Bill Clinton's two nominees retire or expire while Trump is King.

No matter how many legislative fumbles Trump and Congress experience, they know that pushing SCOTUS rightward will make it much easier to get rid of progressive programs and add regressive programs compared to attempting to get such action in Congress.

Unless folks who put effort into stopping the GOP attack on ACA put twice the effort into stopping Gorsuch, we will end up with a more right leaning SCOTUS that will ditch the ACA and much more, making all the effort to date to save the ACA for naught.


Trump, Don't play the victim to circumstances you created.


I would call the failure to repeal the ACA as a minor set back rather than a "huge defeat". The fact that Tea Partiers voted against it, just means that they feel it didn't go far enough. As for the few Republicans who voted against it, they still may take a pay off in the near future and vote for Trump Care the next time around accepting their golden parachute for abandoning politics.
Meanwhile Gorsuch will probably get nominated before long despite the howls of protests across the country. As each day goes by, Trump will learn how to better manipulate the system. When Trump starts targeting dissenters, we will see a shift towards support from Trump unless he is unsuccessful in silencing his worst critics.


The fact that the Tea Party people voted against is very significant because is demonstrates that the Republicans are still badly spit as a party. And, the fact that Paul Ryan could not bring in Tea Party members of Congress shows that he lacks competence as the leader of the Republicans in the House. It is hard to see how the Trump and the Republicans are going to get much an agenda passed. The Tea Party is extremely libertarian and sees almost no role for the federal government outside of the military and domestic security. How do you govern if you don't believe the government has a role to play? In the past the Tea Party has been willing to shut down the government to get its way and even not raise the national debt ceiling which would have meant that the US would have defaulted on its loans, which could have set off a worldwide economic collapse. Getting the Tea Party to go along with anything that involves the government except for the national security and domestic security will not be easy.


Much as I want to cast dispersions on your comment I can't b/c it is imperative that we all keep in mind that Trump doesn't think ........... the way you, I, and most of our fellow peons do. Ergo, while I pray to Goddess you are wrong, our elected terrorists have shown what whores they truly are!


Don't forget though, that when the Tea Partiers started getting things they wanted, moderate Republicans pulled back. That in no way excuses the fact that they were willing to vote for such a horrible plan before it was made even worse. But is was a big deal in that it showed how badly repugs are split. They won't be split when it comes to Gorsuch, though, and he's a horror. I have my (R) congresscritters on speed dial.


Then Democrats built a grass-roots resistance

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! The resistance to rump has very little to do with big D democrats and more to do with local grassroots activists from all over the Left political landscape. If anyhting, it is the D's who are following the Progressive Movement inspired by Bernie's run for the presidency.


The resistance needs to keep the pressure on in order to prevent further damage to American Democracy

At least the author got this right.


... except on election day.


Two issues:
1. Trump lost the popular vote
2. Their are almost as many democratic corporitist in congress as republican corporatist in congress.


There maybe two or more wings of each party in congress leaving the question, do those so called wings consider themselves wings.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.