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Trump's Ignorance Touches Off a New Crisis in Kashmir

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/18/trumps-ignorance-touches-new-crisis-kashmir

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On the other hand, after a nuclear war we might get a do-over.

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I’m rooting for nuclear conflict.

I mean, damn, if you’re going the megalomania route, why pussyfoot around?

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My wife and I talked with a Pakistani gentleman yesterday, outside his shop at a local mall.

We occasionally stop by his shop and discuss world events.

Though he left Pakistan and came to America in the mid nineties along with his wife and children, he seemed greatly disturbed by the conflict escalating between his homeland and India.

He repeated to us virtually everything written in this article.

He said that the leader in Pakistan, Khan, was a good man, a patient and compassionate man, and that Modi on the other hand, was just the opposite, very similar to Trump.

I have another Pakistani friend that fled Pakistan in the early 70’s, fleeing an arranged marriage.

He came to America as a plastic surgeon, married the cousin of my then wife,and loaned us enough money for the 5% down payment on our first home.

I cannot wish for a nuclear weapons exchange for these two nations.


It is now apparently considered “normal” in the malignant trumpian world to unilaterally “pull-out” of,and/or abrogate treaties, regulatory environmental protections, treatment of refugees, nuclear test ban agreements, military occupation, and more; *that is a recipe for disaster.*That is what happens under a self-absorbed narcissist and idiot with a huge “ego mouth”…
trumps actions did not get strong push-back and arguably lead directly to other rulers and/or extremists/racists nationalists emulating his criminal contempt for precedent, law, and lives with impunity.

The unilateral move by India’s Hindu nationalist Modi to "revoke " the long-standing special agreements in Jammu and Kashmir, can arguably be laid directly at trumps doorstep - under an engaged US head of state, a leader of wisdom and experience with sane advisers, it’s likely Modi’s action might not have happened. He would not have felt he had carte blanche because trump has not been brought-up short and is also a moron…

Hopefully Modi’s contempt for precedent and stability as well as justice and human rights (not to mention nuclear war) will see massive global opposition to force him to reverse his very dangerous course - altho in the trumpian image he will likely double-down threatening many millions of lives directly and many more indirectly.

trump has much to pay for from his narcissist arrogance and astonishing world stupidity.


Let’s not beat around the bush with that racist jackass Jon - call it and its writings exactly what they are; idiot racist blather, supremacist rot, and incitement of hatred…


Second article on CD in five days that suggests Pakistan “help” Kashmiris, and this time goes so far as to suggest that the Taliban play a part in land long considered part of Sovereign India.

Lets send in peace keepers, observers, UN or other wise, but to suggest a terrorist establishment “help” a cultural group because of religious homogeneity is downright disgusting.

Please CD, whet your articles better.

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Rose I believe your confused as to where you are, Breitbart news is where you want to post your racist ramblings, here not so much.


The world would be a safer place if the leaders of all countries would remember the comment of the late Wharton School of Business Professor William T. Kelley, who for many years claimed “Trump was the dumbest g*ddam student I ever had.” I feel sure this Professor had the opportunity to teach many, many students over his 31 year career at the school.


I don’t think humanity will be able to survive in a nuclear winter. Especially since the collapsing climate will still be a thing.

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Oh you are going to be a “fun” new member here.

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It is soon going to be hard to keep count of how many ways Trump and his administration is trying to provoke a nuclear war around the world.

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Good for you — And nor should any of us.

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Very well said. Thank you.

So many terrible collapses, everywhere the eye turns – this one of the hottest nuclear ones. Forgive me for getting unnecessarily introspective when it’s the people of Kashmir at issue here, but this continual dose of existential stress is just too much. It’s all intolerable. This is so much bigger than Trump or the next meaningless electoral exercise. The time approaches for a global revolt to put a stop to the madness before it kills us all. This is getting so much more important than whatever else you have to do today.

A little suggestion: Why not spell it out all the way: “HELL YES, I’m Anti-Fascist, what are you?”

to me, its another example of the danger of religion, all religions, in destabilizing dangerous situations.

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‘...A Muslim-majority princely state, it was ruled by a Hindu Maharaja who invited the Indian Army to facilitate his accession to New Delhi in 1947. Initially both parties agreed to the UN Security Council’s resolution suggesting that a plebiscite be held in the state to allow the Kashmiris to decide their future. This never took place...’.    

Fascinating how every Pakistani stooge blurts out the Army/ISI version of history instead of the truth.

  1. In 1947 Pakistan signed a standstill agreement with Kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir
  2. Before that ink dried they sent in Pakistan’s army regulars in the garb of tribal uprising into Kashmir. They burned and raped their way through the valley.
  3. The Hindu king of Kashmir asked India for help. India refused and said they can only help if he accedes to India.
  4. The king signs the instrument of Accession and India paratroops into Kashmir.
  5. Nehru the PM of India goes to UN. Asking for help with removal of Pakistan’s forces. UNSC agrees and directs Pakistan to unconditionally vacate all areas of Jammu, Kashmir & Gilgit and then advises Indians to hold a plebiscite.
  6. It could never be done since Pakistan never vacated.

All it takes is to read the resolution from the UN Security Council website.

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Did it not occur to you that, being a Pakistani muslim, he might be a little biased?