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Trump's 'Illegal Return of Asylum Seekers Scheme' Has First Known Victim


Trump's 'Illegal Return of Asylum Seekers Scheme' Has First Known Victim

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In the first publicly known instance of the Trump administration implementing its new policy that forces some asylum-seekers to await their U.S. immigration court hearings in Mexico, 55-year-old Carlos Gomez Perdomo of Honduras was sent to the United States' southern neighbor on Tuesday—sparking a fresh wave of condemnation.



I think problems should be identified with the heart and solved by the brain. President Trump says he goes by his gut. This is anatomically correct. Stuff that goes by the gut ends up as crap.



What are the kinds of people we would hope for immigrate. Many refugees are certainly motivated, tough individuals, and that includes mothers making a long tough journey with children to care for along the way.
Didn’t any of our Christian brothers read EXODUS?



Sadly, that makes perfect sense.

If ever won the Powerball I think I would end up giving away a large portion of it.
Money is to me something you want enough of, and that’s it.
I remembered reading a children’s book in grade school about the farmer who got his wish that every morning when he woke up his milk pitcher would be full.
I later thought when money was tight, that it would be great if every time I opened my wallet there would be a hundred dollars in it.
Well it has worked out that way, but I’m sure it is because I am getting older and am more interested in getting rid of stuff instead of accumulating stuff.

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Trump is all gut and little brain, like his White Scum worshipers.