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Trump's Immigration Debacle Repeats History's Mistakes


Trump's Immigration Debacle Repeats History's Mistakes

Jeff Biggers

When lawmakers meet with President Trump on Tuesday to discuss immigration policy, the trauma of thousands of incarcerated immigrant children separated at the border from their asylum-seeking parents should pinpoint the failure of the Trump administration's new "zero tolerance" policy.


Trump “is” one of history’s mistakes.


Biggers–historical perspective is all well and good, but the Trump/Sessions policy of breaking up families is not a “debacle” or a blunder or a mistake!–It’s not out of Trump’s ignorance of history (which is huge!), it’s a deliberate strategy to hold these children hostage until Trump gets congress to pony up money for the Wall and a deportation force!–Progressives and Demos are constantly blindsided by Trump–why?


It pleases my heart to see the progressive voice taking back ownership of the founding father’s voice. For too long it has tried to judge historical figures by today’s mores and practicalities. Paine et al. set the path for progress with complete acceptance that the then current circumstances were unacceptable to the arc of the Enlightenment. When the Tea Party laid claim to the Revolutionary message in their tri-cornered hat costumes I laughed at their demeanor and cried when I realized that their base took the bait–hook, line, and sinker. We progressives need to marshall our efforts behind the true gift of the forefathers, the gift to grow into a more perfect union–not anchored in the past imperfections as so many “conservatives” (regressives–OK, troglodytes) would have it.