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Trump's Immigration Plan? Demonize Immigrants, Latinos - Again


Trump's Immigration Plan? Demonize Immigrants, Latinos - Again

So much for that pivot. Despite speculation over a so-called "softening" on immigration policy, Donald Trump returned to true nativist form on Wednesday night with a speech laying out his ten-point plan for reforming our immigration system.


Camacho 2016!


The BIG SHORT ends by noting that despite the banksters crashing the economy in 2008 and enabling the big short itself, rather than serving jail time.those perpetrators were rewarded at the expense of US taxpayers while poor people and immigrants took the blame.

Despite having an opponent laden with more baggage than any POTUS in history, Trump can't seem to land a single punch as his campaign continues to be narrowly focused on blaming immigrants.


Catching trump on bbc at his meeting with the Mexican president shows that he is quite capable of spewing from both sides of his mouth , had he been in the Middle East he never would have had to again buy shoes me thinks


Trump seems to be following the fascist playbook of fear mongering based on lies and then claiming he is the one who can offer security. It works because in the end his supporters get what they want, fewer Hispanics in the US which increases the percentage of whites. Keeping Muslims from the Middle East also helps achieve this goal of moving toward a more white country. With crime rates way down from a couple of decades ago it would seem that a law and order candidate would not be very credible but Trump has done a good job fooling people into believing that the US in in the midst of a crime wave. It is true that a few cities are experiencing increased crime, although it still below levels in the 1980s but as long as the contention is that these crimes are not being committed by white people it sells with his racist base. Yes, illegal immigration rates across the Mexican border are way down from where they were 20 years ago but you would never know it listening to Trump. You would also never know that there is more than 700 miles of fencing along the border and many border patrol agents and sophisticated electronic equipment. You would also never know that Obama has deported numerous illegal immigrants who have been found to have committed crimes. And you would not know that the illegal immigrants have a lower crime rate than the general population. Trump has often used lying to build his business empire and now he is using lies in politics to further his ambitions. He has lied so much he probably no longer has any physiological response when he lies. Probably no one in recent US history since Senator Joseph McCarthy has used lying so much on the national level for political purposes.


Don't fascists require a group to demonize within their own country to whip up the masses?
For Hitler it was the Jews and for Trump it's the Latinos.

Hillary has chosen to demonize an external enemy as the Democrats usually do.
In Hillary's case it's the Russians. Oh, and ISIS and Iran and the Shiites and Assad and all Leftist governments in South America and on and on and on.
Hillary has lots of external enemies because she believes in "American exceptionalism."


Hillary has been demonizing the left in her own nation and those outside the nation who happen to be in locations where the military industrial complex has identified the most lucrative occupation and war profit centers.