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Trump's Infrastructure Plan: A Corporate Con by a Corporate Conman

Trump's Infrastructure Plan: A Corporate Con by a Corporate Conman

Garrett Jennings

Despite the constant barrage of racist, sexist, and xenophobic remarks from Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, even his detractors managed to hear--through all that hate speech--his promise to "drain the swamp." Trump tied the noose of Goldman Sachs around Ted Cruz’s neck during the primary and never let anybody forget about Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to big banks during the general election.

Trump’s infrastructure program best include lots of bridge work seeing how many additional formerly working class Murkins Trump and the GOP will push into poverty and be forced to live beneath bridges.


It’s too bad that the people who SHOULD read this article, will probably never get a chance to see it.

(Thanks, Captured Media.)

As for Infrastructure, Ike was able to construct the Interstate Highway System, while Taxing High Income at 91%, and forcing Corporations to shoulder Their Fair Share.


Many of the “people who should read this article” are dialed into Trump’s ever growing list of enemies which now includes things like facts and evidence in addition to the people and organizations that were already on the list.


Did anyone ask Trump directly what he meant by the words “drain the swamp”?

I wouldn’t have asked him personally, because it was clucking obvious that he sure as hell didn’t mean that he was going to drain corporate influence from government.

He ran on big tax breaks for corporations, increasing the budget for the MIC, deregulation across the board, a “market based” healthcare system (as if the ACA wasn’t market based enough), and the rest.

Oh yes, he was against the TPP and nixed it. Wall Street apparently didn’t care all that much, considering all of the other goodies they could count on from “drain the swamp” Trump.

Hard core Trump supporters, especially the racist, misogynist, right wing fundamentalists, and run of the mill rednecks don’t have a clue, nor do they apparently care about corporate dominance of government, and how Trump with his allies both Republican and Democrat, plan on catapulting that influence, that dominance over their lives.

They don’t get it, so they don’t feel betrayed. They think them thar “leftists” are the problem, and since them thar leftists hold positions against corporate power, then according to their perspective corporate power must not be a problem.

So saying that Trump has betrayed anyone is actually beside the point.

Trump’s candidacy was easy to read, and what kind of president he would be was easy to call.

Hell, even a tripping chicken without a college degree could figure it out.

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