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Trump's Infrastructure Scam


Trump's Infrastructure Scam

Robert Reich

Our country is in dire need of massive investments in infrastructure, but what Donald Trump is proposing is nothing more than a huge tax giveaway for the rich.


I guess this what you can expect from a guy who pushed the law to its limits and apparently hasn't paid any federal taxes for years even though he takes in millions. This infrastructure giveaway to the rich scam was well known before the election but he got enough electoral votes anyway. A lot of things were known before the election and it didn't matter. Why not vote for someone unfit to serve as president? Why not vote for a fascist? Why not vote for someone refusing to release his taxes? Why not vote for a racist? Why not vote for a xenophobic? Why not vote for misogynist? Why not vote for someone who praises dictators? Why not vote for someone seemingly bent on destroying 240 years of progress toward a more enlightened society?


Why not vote for a sexual predator? The deplorables will vote for anyone who promises to put a dollar in their pocket no matter what his character or what he does to the environment and the planet. The most important thing is the promise of the dollar.


Well, it's not just him but us too. I read way too many comments on here before the election telling folks Clinton was the same as Trump, if not worse (she isn't); Bernie sold us out; and Obama was terrible. Introduce nuance into the conversation, like Obama and Democrats passing a stimulus that contained more green economy incentives than any legislation since NEPA, and you were just a shill for neolibs, corporations, the oligarchy, whatnot. Voting for normalcy at minimum was bad because Aleppo! Global warming! TPP! Meanwhile, the hard right, whatever their problems with Trump, went ahead and voted the bigger picture knowing a Court pick, maybe two if Ginsburg retires, is way more important to governance than any single way Trump might sell out. Because that pick is going to put a cap on anything any future Democrat, Green, Independent will do in office, and more importantly, bolster the conservative agenda for a generation. To bring that up was "fear voting," as if their weren't legitimate reasons to fear Trump. No strategy, just absolutes. Now a different kind of revolution is coming.


It's basic psychology. Connect the dots! That is, show the huge electorate who rebelled and successfully "broke the system" by electing Trump—show them that Trump isn't going to serve them. He's going to serve the rich. Show them (don't tell them) that Trump isn't going to "drain the swamp"; he's going to clog it with more toadies and self-serving varmints. Connect the dots by SHOWING them that Trump isn't an "outsider" coming to rescue them, but instead is slithering INTO the inside and is going to destroy whatever democracy these rebellious (but brave) voters believe they still have.

Use psychology: connect the dots.



If connecting the dots was a viable strategy for influencing election outcomes, Ross Perot would have won in 1992 and Ralph Nader would have won in 2000 after Perot's two terms were completed.


Sorry, raydelcamino, I don't think I was clear to you. I wasn't talking about Trump, Clinton, Perot, or Nader. I wasn't talking about the candidates at all. I was talking about turning the TRUE REBELS who voted in Trump towards better goals and purposes.

They alone succeeded in upsetting the applecart. They beat the system. Now, let's get them to LEARN what they've done...in order to see them turn their power against Trump and, more importantly, against the System even further.

Let's not fight against them. Let them fight for us, for the People, for the Planet. They are the only ones who achieved what they set out to do. Let's lionize them. But let's also help them see the forest for the trees.



I think the comments saying Clinton could be worse than Trump, Bernie sold out, and Obama was terrible come from socialists who see the center left as the main enemy of a revolution from capitalism to socialism. I think you should take that as a strategy for destroying the center left, their main nemesis, rather than expecting the truth about people like Clinton and Obama in particular. Leftists are always attacking the center left. That is just the way it is. It really doesn't matter how horrible the right wing is the target for socialists remains the center left.


If 9/11 was the opening salvo for the demise of the USA,(I think it started much earlier), then the Trump administration are the main forces toward the total collapse of the US. We are indeed in trouble when during his first week he helps fatten his rich buddies wallets even more. Global warming is real and getting worse, and yet the energy corps get green lighted to exploit every last crumb of fossil fuel that's best left in the ground. Sorry kiddies the world will be much different than the one I grew up in and I'm sorry my generation didn't do enough to ensure a world worth living in. I'm glad I have no children to worry about so it's up to you all to effect change because the government sure isn't going to do any thing for another generation or so. Good luck!


Yeah, you are right. It's just tough to see the lack of pragmatism up close. I want single payer, I want a greener economy. Did Obama do everything I hoped? No. But he did a lot of things that went far more that direction than any president in my lifetime. None of those things happen though if you turn the government over to the far right.


Infrastructure work can provide many jobs, primarily to middle class males who have the skills required for those jobs. The call for massive investment in infrastructure jobs goes as far back as the 1980s.

There's no money for it. Sorry. First, by creating a shortage of jobs, wages have fallen far below the rate of inflation for millions of workers, and we've quietly been transitioning to bottom-wage jobs. This means disappearing tax revenues. People are desperate for any job at any wage. There's nothing to fall back on, since actual welfare aid ended 20 years ago. Then, the US pursued to longest, most expensive war in this country's history, draining us out militarily and economically. Because our family-supporting jobs are gone, there's simply no money left to put into publicly-funded infrastructure plans.


To those who want universal health care (by any other name): What would be the logic of providing anything more than emergency room services for our very poor, just to dump them back on the streets? Deprivation of adequate food and shelter take a very heavy toll on human health.

Don't expect much from Americans. The US signed onto the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, only to disregard it. The UDHR lists food, shelter, and medical care as fundamental human rights, even for the jobless poor. Americans disagree, and we ended actual welfare aid.


Not sure what you are getting at here.


Last Fall I was at the Hilton near Piestowa Peak I was sharing the hot tub with a couple from near Denver who were discussing a toll road recently developed. It seems they don't tax their wealthy folks to keep up the infrastructure, which was causing 30 minute traffic delays. They were paying some ridiculous amount to save a portion of this time. WTF is wrong with people?