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Trump's International Anti-Iran Coalition Looks Like It's Falling Apart. He Doesn't Have a Back-Up Plan.


Trump's International Anti-Iran Coalition Looks Like It's Falling Apart. He Doesn't Have a Back-Up Plan.

Trita Parsi

President Donald Trump set out to pick a fight with Iran from the early days of his administration. But a set of astonishing developments has pulled the rug out from under his feet, and the next three months will determine whether Trump will opt to escalate his provocations or find a face-saving exit from his bravado.

Only a few months ago, Trump was oozing with confidence, having pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, worked with the Saudis to squeeze oil exports and announced the reimposition of sanctions to the pleasure of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Israel has played a critical behind-the-scenes role

Behind the scenes? Please, anyone paying attention knows they are leading the way and Trump is doing what he is told.


What’s the one key difference with these 3 countries and what has happened to them in the past 20 yrs?

North Korea

When is Iran going to wake up?


It’s good to see Parsi working on this, but his case could go quite a bit further.

Were the US to turn a blind eye to Saudi and Israeli terrorism, they might stop. The US funds both, participates in both, and exceeds both. It is only the American in-house commercial press that ignores this. The US funded ISIS and ISIL, as did the Saudi royals and various others, including five separate foreign governments who contributed to the Clinton campaign in 2016.

These entities may have felt less than thrilled to hire Donald Trump, but once he was elected to the presidency, they likely felt that they had little choice. Surely Mister Art of the Deal had his price.

Trump is faltering passing the mid-term elections, which is natural for all sorts of reasons, from his personal buffoonery to the lack of a presidential election in 2018 for the DNC to misdirect money given to its local candidates. But this is not necessarily good news for those of us who would prefer to not go to war with Iran–by whom I mean nearly everybody.

The key here is whether another party can place a popular anti-war candidate. And strangely, grimly, the answer so far appears to be No.


What’s that old saying about putting all of your eggs in one grinder.

That’s Trump.


This is an overly optimistic assessment of Trump’s anti-Iran woes.

On the other hand, everything cited is true enough, plus US policy in the MidEast overall has proven to be little more than a project in destabilizing the region and placing troops permanently in harm’s way.

Good lord, are we Israel’s puppets, or what?


Hi SkepticTank:
Maybe if the asteroid science is watching lands on Netanyahu, and Mar-A Largo at the same time—maybe we will see Peace in our time, Sadly the war in the Middle East has killed and maimed millions---- and allowed the military brass to become rich on the war corporations, while destroying the planet at the same time.
Maybe if the planet is faced with a terror from outside of Earth—maybe then, by solving that issue the planet would heal. It’s amazing that astronauts can get along in space, while politicians can even seem to even be polite. Remember Iran was the world’s first superpower, they’ve been there and done that, and it’s not all its cracked up to be. And too, Iran does not torture, main or disparage its Jewish citizens-----oh, if only Israel was adult enough to learn to treat the Palestinians in the same respectful way.


Iran needs a declared ally.


Wouldn’t it be criminal to witness an attack on innocent Iranian civilians who harbor no ill will towards Americans? How about hundreds? Thousands?


A fairly short and simple assessment of 9-11 by major general Albert Stubblebine. I liked it because he is compelling even though the information isn’t anything new. Just google it.


Unfortunately I think this is too optimistic, European leaders, even China and Russia, have not stepped up to vigorously oppose the Trump regime’s anti-Iran policies, and even if MBS and Netanyahu fail personally, they will be replaced by others with similar anti-Iran policies. And the US peace movement is too weak to have any effect in heading off an attack on Iran.
It would also help if Iran would stop interfering in Syria and calling for “death to Israel” or to the Great Satan!


HI GANDOLF, : the Iranian citizens are being hurt anyway when an overfed goon like Trump attacks their money and tries to starve them to death… but then , America never apologized for blowing up an Iranian plane and killing several hundred people. So, even after all the wars in this world, the citizens of a country being attacked become cretins or rabid dogs or wolves…see US history of how the Japanese, German and Italian citizens of America we’re treated in WW 2.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if government people who proposed wars were carried off to the insane asylum? Although, more realistically, maybe those in congress who vote for war have to suit up and go. Oh what a peaceful world we would see. : )


In addition to the recent events of imprisoning and torturing women who wanted to drive along with a host of other abuses, don’t forget that Saudi Arabians financed 9/11 and 15 of the 19 agents in 9/11 were Saudis. The Saudis were and may still be financing al Qaeda. They are supporting a worldwide system of madrassas that preach the Wahhabi brand of Islam which includes religious jihad. Ask one of the evangelicals how many of their missionaries are active in Saudi Arabia.

To say that their interests and our interests are not congruent would be an all-star understatement.


“A time will come when a politician who has willfully made war and promoted international dissension will be as sure of the dock and much surer of the noose than a private homicide. It is not reasonable that those who gamble with men’s lives should not stake their own.”
–H. G. Wells


Hi texasaggie--------wow, and thanks for that quote. : )


The question is, What will Salman and Netanyahu push Trump to do to follow abject failure of policy. If past is prologue, they’ll press for war. Trump may tire of being treated like junior partner in this relationship. “Why have nukes if you won’t use 'em?” This nation’s WORST P-RESIDENT EVER. IMPEACH THE SOB! NOW!


The surprise here is not that Donald Trump didn’t have a back-up plan, but that our Impulsive-Child-in-Chief had any plan in the first place.