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Trump's Justice Dept. Drops Suit Against North Carolina Over Anti-LGBTQ Law


Trump's Justice Dept. Drops Suit Against North Carolina Over Anti-LGBTQ Law

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Civil liberties groups are crying foul on Friday after the Trump administration's Department of Justice dropped its lawsuit against North Carolina over its anti-transgender legislation.

The withdrawal, filed Friday, was "in light of the passage" of the state's House Bill 142, the so-called replacement bill for the controversial House Bill 2, as NBC News reports.


What can we expect with a mean-spirited, vengeful, racist homophobe AG heading the DOJ: more discrimination, more denial (thus condoning) of hate crimes (no justice sought), undermining the Voting Rights Act at every opportunity, and literally turning a blind eye to the abuse, bullying, injuring, and ostracizing of all LGBTQ youth and adults (and their families).

The emperor of his self-created empire of evil and villainy is bringing about our nation's perdition: killing civilians and destroying the environment here and abroad; threatening thermonuclear war; handing over our rivers, mountaintops, wilderness, national parks and monuments to energy/mining extraction corporations through removal of regulations and dismantling the EPA; placing our treasury and dept of commerce into the hands of the orchestrators of one of the worst recessions/economic downturns since the Depression, and the list of horrors goes on ad infinitum.


Precisely what Sessions does not have.


The so-called president is certainly not doing this on his own- his administration is packed with psychotic homophobic bigots, and he is roundly supported by a "yuge" number of voting bigots who blame queer (and women's/people's of color) rights on the downfall of "Merica."
These so-called citizens claim that protecting the rights of "the other" amounts to granting "special rights," which aren't covered by the constitution, and need to be repealed. Trump is "their man" to accomplish this task, and the so-called administration is full of people hand-chosen to do just this, in addition to dismantling federal agencies which protect the environment, workplace, etc.

If you listen or read conservative media, you will find that LGBTQ folks are considered a "threat" akin to pre WW2 Jews- the 21st century scapegoat to be sacrificed on the alter of "great america." Please stand by LGBT people, people of color, and all marginalized people, as they are the first line of defense- rest assured, if you don't, eventually you, or your loved ones, will be targeted as well.

For whatever reason, the so-called Christians think the golden rule ("Do unto others...") only applies to their own. Don't fall into that trap. Getting to know "the other-" whatever that means for you- will reveal common ground. This is the foundation of a truly "Great America."


Sessions = indignant, disrespectful and cruel.