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'Trump's Katrina?' No, It's Much Worse


'Trump's Katrina?' No, It's Much Worse

Puerto Rico
Juliette Kayyem

As Puerto Rico continues to navigate the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, President Donald Trump has managed to divide rather than unite. 


In the prictator’s case it’s just one more SNAFU!


–or just racism, once again?


The attacks on Trump during the presidential campaign that he was unfit to be president were not just campaign rhetoric, but a genuine criticism. His outlandish behavior with regard to the disaster in Puerto Rico is yet another example of his lack of fitness to hold the office. His job is way too big for him. It is often called the toughest job in the world, and for good reason. It appears many people in Puerto Rico will suffer because Americans elected Trump. Although people in Puerto Rico are Americans they have no say in who is elected president once the parties have chosen their nominee. They are in effect at the mercy of Americans who live in the 50 states and the District of Columbia when it comes to the ultimate choice of president.


A large helping of both, with zero empathy and even less understanding.


Why can the Democratic Party elites not admit the consequences of their choices, such as the consequence that many people in Puerto Rico will suffer because the Democratic Party would not run candidates that would represent the interests of the people of the United States at least as much and as well as they would represent the interests of the bankers, speculators, and the MIC. It could have been a landslide in all three houses.

Running a predomently lessor-evil campaign, over and over again is a repeated attempt to blackmail citizens into supporting what they do not want. What is the proper response to blackmail and blackmailers, especially the ones that in their stupidity and greed and ambition cannot even offer us some decent carrots and representation?

Yes, Donald Trump is painfully inadequate as the President. His treatment of the Puerto Rician people will be remembered and will not well influence the minds of people in Latin America.


this has nothing to do with ineptitude. Trump is telling the world that he doesn’t care for non-whites and showing that they aren’t worth his time; instead he’s dragging this out on purpose and giving a huge middle finger (from his tiny hands) to the island. He’s ignoring citizens in trouble and should be arrested for treason.