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Trump's Loopy Kool-Aid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/26/trumps-loopy-kool-aid

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Trump is the reflection in the mirror of many deep problems in America. Until those are taken seriously and attenuated the American Experiment is at Existential Risk of the highest order. He better damn be sure be the apex of the problem because this nation cannot withstand worse “leadership” (leadershit) nor can I conceive of such being out there–unless it would be a competent version of the “man”.


It is becoming increasingly clear that Dr. Fauci et al need to persuade Tweetle-Dumb to try these “remedies” on himself before offering them to others!!  Just imagine the benefit to the human gene pool if one or two million of his most ardent worshipers were to emulate their Dear Leader after he swal­lows a quart of Lysol to wash down several grams of hydroxychloroquine . . .

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I have trouble putting my finger on it: To my nose a pervasively strange aroma arises from Margolis’ prose:

Trump is a gifted politician and entertainer but he’s no saintly Albert Schweitzer. Alarmingly, this man’s finger is on the nuclear button. Now that’s a real worry.

It’s like a voice from another time, from the days of WOS (World Operating System) 1.1.b, as if Margolis hadn’t heard about the mandatory upgrade to WOS 2.0.c.

Trump is the cough and the fever. He is not the virus. The worst is yet to come, for American suffers from pre-existing conditions as I detail in my own articles. I am afraid that America has to collapse socially and economically before people get the will to create a new constitution, or maybe return to the original concept of the Founders based on the Six Nations Confederacy. IMO; too much focus on Trump himself. too little attention paid to deeper issues.


The Orange Pustule is merely the superficial manifestation of a major infection that permeates not only the body politic but is consuming the entire organism.

What new pejorative will we come up with, during Teflon Don’s 7th year in office?

Alarmingly, this man’s finger is on the nuclear button. Now that’s a real worry.

I agree with Margolis… if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, than nothing will!..

Welcome to one, from my perspective, the best Progressive sites on the net. Trump is not the disease, Trump is the symptom of the disease.

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