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Trump's "Manifestly Cruel" Education Budget Would Crush Kids' Dreams


Trump's "Manifestly Cruel" Education Budget Would Crush Kids' Dreams

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As expected, President Donald Trump's budget calls for deep cuts to public education while bolstering school choice schemes, leading top education advocates to decry the plan as out-of-touch and "manifestly cruel to kids."


With half of US children qualifying for Medicaid it looks like the gubmit program to "crush kids' dreams" is nothing new and has been waiting for Trump to take it to stage 4, eliminating what few dreams haven't already been crushed.


This article is so fraught with corporate "weasel" wording that one has to ask, "What the hell are they talking about?" lol - And not the wording of the author, Deirdre - The wording of a supposed "liberal" Senator from Massachusetts and the billionaire knucklehead aristocrats posing as "government officials", supposedly representing We the People. We've crossed the "Rubicon" without a boat or paddle to get back our Democracy. - lol! We are heading toward a living hell and Earth is getting sicker by the day - the no-return point is near.

NOTHING that any of these corporate-coup participant-appointees says or will say will ever be what We the People need and demand. 'Cuz they have other plans for us and our children: competing with the third world economies' wages and the slave-like conditions that go with it. So they and their kids can get richer! ???....Somehow, I do not think that they will pull this off, fortunately for us and our families. See you on my street corner? My sign says, "Stop Shopping!"


This is all about creating corporate-dependent drones whose education will eventually be compartmentalized. A generation of task-specific specialists locked in their roles by debt hence presenting no threat to some desired order is the goal. Keep them mollified (i.e., drugged) and entertained and give them marginal healthcare and you're well along toward the current dystopian ideal. Sounds crazy? Take a real close look at what the monster Betsy DeVoss is up to and then ask if we're already on that yellow brick road. Her and her ilk are extremely dangerous sociopaths who must be confronted daily and made to feel as uncomfortable as possible, which may be a stretch given their obvious lack of feelings for anyone but themselves and their elitist interests.


I agree with every word in your statements, the rich has been taking over the government to ensure it's future security at the expense of the working people, middle class, the poor, the children, the earth and the elderly. The government today is our enemy not ISIS or Al Qaeda or the Russians, those are mere distraction, "the enemy is within". It is urgent that we the people realize this now that all branches of the government have turned on us with blatant aggressive zeal to dismantle our social structures while our burden of taxation and prices for goods and services continue to increase without bounds. When will we finally fight back, i mean really fight with our bodies on the streets, that's what it will take now. No blood no confession.


We need to look at the complete picture/root of this evil----- many people simplistically believe that getting rid of Trump will get rid of the sociopathic initiatives brought forth by this "administration". I wish it was as simple as getting rid of Trump (even though that may prove to be very difficult)

Articles like this need to point out all those behind murderous proposals such as this budget.


NO! NO! NO! There is no damn "enemy" - period! There's just us. "Them" is a WEASEL WORD! "government" WEASEL WORD!


Cruel, inhumane, greedy, diabolical = DJT. A devil in human form who would have sunk back into the shadows of ignominy were it not for the largesse left to him by his dada who put his favorite devil-spawn through expensive, elitist "day schools - primary grades;" the New York Military Academy for recalcitrant, uncontrollable rich male teens; and college (buying DJT a degree from Wharton with a huge donation to their foundation). And left to his own devices after his father and then his mentor, Roy Cohn passed away, he managed to bilk any number of major US banks out of hundreds of million$$$, declared no less than four (and perhaps more) bankruptcies thus defrauding hundreds of contractors that built his properties, and yet he still insists (as do his ignorant fans) that he is a GREAT/tremendous/amazing businessman. The only thing this dimwit has "learned" along the way is how to take credit and lay blame.