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Trump's Massive, Lawless, and Immoral Legacy to Our Country Will Continue Unless...

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/21/trumps-massive-lawless-and-immoral-legacy-our-country-will-continue-unless


Our prisons are filled with people that would have liked the courts and law enforcement to “look forward, not backward” at their transgressions. However, just like everything else in our constitutional oligarchy, if a wealthy white guy does it, he is to be forgiven. If a black guy does it, the death penalty is too good for him.
If Biden doesn’t chase down the Trump criminal cabal and place them in stocks in front of the White House, he may once and for all destroy the Democratic Party.
No justice, no peace.


Trump and his cronies will get away with their crime sprees unless Joe Biden has a Justice Department team that will follow the law and prosecute any government official who broke the law. In 2009, Barack Obama let law-breaking Wall Streeters and the Bush/Cheney war criminals become successful fugitives from justice.

Who among us really expects this to change? This is about as likely as Nader getting the call from the OBiden team to join the administration.

Trump may be rotten to the core, and he is. The real problem is neolibs and the abject failure of the democratic party. Trump received almost 75 million votes, the bulk of which came from what used to be the democratic party’s base: the working class.


I would give almost anything to have Biden tap Ralph as the AG, the look of fear on Trump’s face and all of his accomplices would be absolutely priceless. Now I’m a realist, so I know this won’t happen, but this is Common Dreams after all.


Joe Biden has already signaled, and loudly, that no justice will be forthcoming from his “Justice” Department when it comes to Joe’s criminal ally/pretend enemy, Donald Trump.

There is no salvation to be had, from the Democratic wing of the Party of Wall Street and war.



Earlier this week Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) sent this same message. Democrats ignore Pascrell at their own peril.

Unless Biden launches Nuremberg style trials on January 21 to bring Trump AND his appointees, and other enablers to justice, the GOP will continue their half century spree of getting away with ever more egregious crimes, thereby increasing their power, assuring that Biden’s and Harris’ political careers end in 2024 as the Democratic Party becomes more irrelevant.


Yes. I think this may underestimate the extent of the rot to all supporting structures. These “people” don’t care about this government, or governing, only ruling and dominating. I also think this period, however Trump leaves Bleach House, is liable to be more akin to Hitler’s time after the putsch, when he nursed his wounds and grew the Nazi party until they came roaring back after stealth moves in 1932-33.
In the meantime there are nearly 75-million people who think it would be a good idea to take over (take back, in their thinking) government by arms.
Or, worse still, we have the makings for internecine terror and internal armed warfare like the Iraqi’s after the end of Saddam and the criminally stupid Paul Bremer, sent in from the bench, so to speak, by GW Bush with a dictum to disband Iraqi’s military, security, and intelligence apparatus, and all the bloodletting that touched off.


And Trump is about to issue an executive order canceling the birthright citizenship provision of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment:

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

So the bad news is that Kamala Harris will no longer be a citizen and therefore ineligibile to be Vice-President.
But the good news is that she would no longer be “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States so that she could shoot Donald Trump with impunity.
Tough tradeoff there…


You speak the truth. Just look at the pearl clutching done by the democratic establishment this week when Trump insinuated that he was going to finally pull the (regular) troops out of Afghanistan. There was gnashing of teeth from the Third Way democratic war mongers, screaming that we have to continue to occupy Afghanistan or else radical Shiite Muslims will overrun Pakistan and get the Bomb.
And now we see where we are headed. Four more years of neoliberal capitalist expansion and the continuation of the Obama doctrine and our nations futile attempt to outflank the Chinese in the Middle East and africa.
Trumps foreign policy people at least had the excuse of being unsophisticated morons. When Biden’s people continue to fuck up the Middle east and Africa they will know exactly what they are doing.


Presidents go out of their way to avoid uncomfortable precedents lest their own crimes be confronted. heck, you can’t lead an aggressive empire rooted in militarism and mass murder if you worry about being brought to justice!


Corporate Dims hate Nader even more than they hate Sanders.


Trump or America, it is that simple. Ralph is right! If we want morality to prevail we must put Trump, Inc. in jail.


First off I am not exonerating Trump. He should be imprisoned.

That said imagine two people dropping rocks from a busy interstate overpass onto people below. Some of those rocks land harmlessly. Some strike vehicles and cause damage. Fortunately they are stopped before anyone injured but a whole pile of damage was done.

Some claim they were not trying to injure and should not go to prison which would ruin the rest of their lives. A fine for a misdemeanor is sufficient.

Some claim they should meet the full wrath of the law and both should be fined and sent to prison .

One of the persons dropping rocks was black and the other white. Some claim the white person should not be fined or imprisoned but the black person should be.

I would suggest the latter is the WORST possible outcome. Not only does one get off scott free for the harm he does but Racism then becomes ingrained in the society through the inequitable application of the law.

George W Bush started wars based on lies. He and his administration openly lied to get the nation to war against Iraq. Millions died because of those lies. Why would you only charge Trump with crimes and allow George W Bush off? Does this not mean “It ok to violate the constitution as long as the President is only killing foreigners when he does so”?

Barack Obama also violated the Constitution. This through mass surveillance of citizens and the execution of US Citizens abroad. Is this also Ok and acceptable?

By all means charge Trump for his many crimes but in giving all of those others a pass it will only mean future Presidents can still get away with those same crimes. You should not only selectively apply the laws when it a matter of personal opinion as to when that should be done.

There is a reason Obama and before him and now Biden would not and will not prosecute and that because they themselves might well face charges on leaving office because they themselves violated or will violate the Constitution.

The lawless immoral legacy of the United States of America is not something that started with Mr Trump. It has been there all of my lifetime.


Historian: German denazification has lessons on how to deal with post-Trump America


However, it won’t happen. The Oligarchy will protect it’s own. Besides, the Oligarchy likes having half of the citizenry willing to kill the other half.


I know, but one can dream though. :))

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VIDEO: Top Biden advisors Flournoy and Blinken promise smarter, more secretive permanent war policy



Flournoy is the gal I mentioned the other day, the one who called for a massive upgrade in the US fleet in the South China sea so that they could sink the entire Chinese navy in 72 hours.

Watch the wars ramp up under Biden. Watch the arms makers rake in the profits. Watch millions more people die. It what the public voted for because in their own words, it not as bad as what Trump would have done.


As always Ralph Nader an excellent article, I forwarded to Joe Biden’s email address.


I half heartedly agree with what you say, however, I will hold onto faith that Joe will not be allowed to get away with not doing nothing…

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Isn’t ‘not doing nothing’ equal to doing something? I agree with what I think you meant.

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