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Trump's Massive, Lawless, and Immoral Legacy to Our Country Will Continue Unless...


Well, we the people, need to signal to Biden that we won’t put up with it. How many millions of us are there? Those voting 76/77/78 million? If not now, never. We need to stand up, stand out and be heard. I guess a march on our so called national news organization that are owned by six oligharchs who might not tout this as their profits are tied to horse races, wealthy donors and corporate advertisers. We need to take back media and have a press that its whole existence depends on profit not the will of the people. Just like all for profit orangization that don’t work for the publics’ interest like private prisons, private education, private utilities, private water ownership, private anything that is in the publics’ interest. The public doesn’t want to make cars or jeans or washing machines or brand names clothes, healthcare, pharma but we want strong communities with healthy outcomes.


They will get a shellacking in 2022 like they did in 2010 so we need Biden to take notice.

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Biden will go after lawbreakers the same way Obama did after the Great Recession. Oh, wait…


I don’t think I would mind that going forward from today but not yesterday. Many people come here to give birth for that reason. I heard that probably 10 or more years ago but haven’t heard about it lately??

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I know I’m much too single-minded, and certainly the Floyd Rebellion will keep rolling in response to the inevitable continuance of police terror on our streets. Where some prognostication goes astray is in thinking time ever swings or cycles back to anything like “the way we were” – you can’t step twice into the same river, as they say, and I doubt we’d even be getting rid of the mad orange tyrant at all, were it not for the continuing George Floyd Rebellion.

viz: Michigan Republicans are constrained to asking themselves whether they’re more afraid of this weird clown in the White House, or of riots breaking out were they to side with the autocrat now. Make no mistake: They’re afraid of us, and it’s only because they’re afraid of us that they were able to publicly rebuke the tyrant, upon leaving the White House yesterday – a truly historic moment: the magnificent flop.

Is that all there is? As I say, I feel obliged to apologize for being single-mindedly obsessed with successfully completing our national orange-ectomy. I’m liking how this turned out in Michigan yesterday. We might finally be getting some traction, in excising that particular cancerous growth.


No executive order can amend the Constitution, or “cancel” any provision thereof.


oh, damn you are correct so it is up to us which I stated below to hold his feet to the fire or in the fire and make it unpleasant.

And who makes that interpretation?
None other than Trump’s hand-picked Supreme Court.

The argument, as weak as it is, is the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction”. Trump’s spray-painted lawyer will argue that these non-citizens are instead subject to the jurisdiction of the country of which they are a citizen. And Trump’s stacked court will go along with that interpretation. Clearly not what the amendment’s authors had in mind, but the dictator’s subjects bow to politics and not to reason.

And a side benefit for Donald: When Kamala Harris is declared ineligible for the office, then the election is also invalid so Trump gets to stay in office. A win-win for Fascism.

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its always worth reading Ralph Nader, this time too. But I wish he would expand on his hope that Americans in sufficient numbers will rise up to reverse the rot, that though increasing for some time, especially since Reagan, has been made a lot worse by the Trump regime as he says. With unions so weakened, progressive groups so easily split, so many people struggling just to survive, its hard to see how this will happen


The fight for funding will get more ugly than usual after Covid. If Biden stays true to form he will cut all spending that helps People so he can have more wars. We are no longer circling the toilet. We are headed down the pipe fast.

More phucking wars, and another President, in an unbroken line for decades, that will become a War Criminal



Unless…we become the nation of laws all of these politicians spend so much time talking about, and put every one of these lawless criminals and those who were complicit in their crimes, in jail where they deserve to be.

Thanks Ralph for coming to our rescue, again.


Giving prepared 3-minute testimony before City Councils and other agencies almost always leaves me feeling they don’t care what any average member the public has to say. One perfect example of haughty indifference happens when councilors have already made their decision, yet afford the public one last chance to voice futile objection.

When elected democrats act primarily in service to local and national business associates, misinformation is distributed to the public deceitfully posing as truth. In my neck of the woods I’m preparing a lawsuit against the State Department of Highway Robbery and associated developers posing as conscientious liberals passing along Silicon Valley AI, AV and 5G high tech BS in a tone of dictatorial decree. The Silicon Valley set won’t admit that Elon Musk’s Tesla ‘S’ sedan is
the most over-rated EV on the road.

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He already bringing in fiscal hawks who will no doubt argue that as far as more spending for helping the people goes, the cupboards are bare , while at the same time 400+ Democrats and Republicans in Congress will vote for an increase in Military spending.


Soft and hard corruption are hardly ever discussed by the left or progressives, especially when it comes to the Dems. The labor movement is a problem here since they don’t like you bad mouthing their candidates or pols. The press can be good though very occasionally.

That’s in the context of it being absolutely impossible to foresee virtually anything, however. Outcome A cannot be thought less likely because it’s “hard to see” if all alternative outcomes, B through Zed, are equally difficult to foresee. Great plagues have been the most potent historical levers from time immemorial, for better or worse. I’ve heard we’ve got Yersina pestis to thank for the Holy Roman Empire overtaking the Roman Empire, and so forth.

SARS-2 (Covid) might not be commonly regarded as ranking with the Black Death, historically – There’s no way we could have the perspective to know how significant it is, when we’re enmeshed in the middle of it, more like the global outset, as global and national peaks still lie ahead of us. I keep tracking it, and it keeps accelerating, especially here in the global epicenter of covidiocy.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  03/13/2020       1,896       1,896
>  18.  05/15/2020   1,433,202   1,435,098
>  27.  07/17/2020   2,195,489   3,630,587
>  36.  09/18/2020   3,075,787   6,706,374
>  45.  11/20/2020   5,137,116  11,843,490

That last segment is 1.67X the segment before, which is 1.40X the segment before that – hence notable, measurable acceleration in USA’s national outbreak.

Maybe my comment seems petty, and maybe it is, but here it is: I want to share this article to Facebook. I can’t, because I refuse to look at a photo of Donald Trump every time I visit my photostream. Am I the only one who is sick of seeing his photo 100 times a day? I had a basic idea of what he looks like by 2015. I don’t need to be reminded.
Do you think that there is, possibly, another photo that could have been used for this story? I refuse to share any articles with this guy’s mug on it. It’s totally unnecessary and redundant.


Yes, agreed - too much has happened here (been done against the citizens) for it to go back to “the way we were.”

Biden and Harris WILL try to ignore/white-wash/continue forward, and you just KNOW Pelosi will drag her tiny wrinkled feet in support, but too many people on both sides of the aisle (and outside the box) are too pissed off to just let it go.

That the Michigan GOPs statement included rejecting threats from power is something we can draw optimism from.

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That totally lit up my reality antennae – It felt real to me. Real enough, at any rate, that if I were from Michigan I’d be mighty proud of my state this morning. Thanks, Michigan, for making my weekend!


When is the last time Ralph was interviewed on a serious news show? I mean if you beleive any of the news shows are serious? They want to talk identity politics because it costs no money to Wall Street or Corporate America. We should have formed a 3rd party long ago with ralph and bernie as the twin peaks.