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Trump's Massive, Lawless, and Immoral Legacy to Our Country Will Continue Unless...

I realized this when Sanders did the “townhall” on a Fox channel out of Scranton, PA. before the primary. Most in the studio audience were Trump supporters, but when Sanders asked who supported EIM4A, a large majority of those Trump supporters raised their hands. Bingo! That’s the issue that will bring these MAGA wingnuts back to earth with the rest of us.


What are you talking about? good education not here in US, precise medical care, and our military going around the world creating more terrorist and refuges, kindneww w/o intolerance.

Get a grip girl.

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I remember that one.

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Hi Ralph –

Still don’t see anything like the words “fascism” there or “Mafia-minded” –
or even a “by the way” re Trump/GOP giving a seat to the Vatican on our Supreme Court?

Beyond Separation of Church & State being our GUARANTEE of our own right to free
thought, free conscience and free will –

this also follows Trump/GOP’s moving $1.4 BILLION to $3.5 BILLION of the Stimulus in to
the coffers of the Catholic Church –

and also follows W. Bush’s move to have American taxpayers support and fund the Catholic
Church’s “faith based” religious organizations – at a time when W wanted a war on Iraq and
the RCC needed money for their priest pedophile lawsuits. W. also got help from our fascist
Supreme Court in that regard.

Why hasn’t the ACLU been after this – or any other liberal organizations?

Same for the Charter schools --95% of which are religious schools – ??


It is understandable that you are happy and excited to get rid of that ugly mole that popped up on your face, however, it actually does nothing to address the intestinal malignancy from which that “mole” metastasized and which is more surely and slowly corrupting and killing you with few other outward signs of its spread. The bad part is that you took care of the most apparent outward presentation of a chronic, systemic problem which you seemingly haven’t come to terms with yet, out of some desire your to get back to a “normal” that was probably more illusory, than actual, in the first place.

[Trump’s Massive, Lawless, and Immoral Legacy to Our Country Will Continue Unless…]

He, his family and his public enablers are shown the door out of the country.

Constitutional separation of church and state, originally referred to keeping politics out of religion (no state religions), not the reverse (no governmental regulation of religious organizations). Personally, I see that wall (anti state religions) being increasingly undermined and corrupted, but should be addressable with a determined minority push even against a determined christofascist majority public protest taking to the streets wailing, and rending of their garments, movement (anti-state religion is a hardcore, Constitutionally solid, position).

The parallels between Groucho Marx taking over Freedonia in “Duck Soup” and Donald Trump taking over the United States is uncanny except Trump isn’t funny because the damage he has wrought is real and Groucho was a hilarious wordsmith who never actually hurt anyone.

Trakar –

Largely agree –

HOWEVER, as the the right wing violent act for Elites – (whether they actually
know that or not) – what we have seen was that the greatest road block to 50 years
of “domestic violence” by the right wing against Roe – and very violently against
women’s clinics and clinic personnel – and even MURDER OF DOCTORS …

was our own corrupted right wing Supreme Court –

Don’t recall the dates on this – would have to look up again – but the FUND FOR THE
FEMINIST MAJORITY/Ellie Smeal brought a lawsuit to the SC asking them to assign
RICO LAWS against this violence – and they denied it –

And right now our SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE is in the hands of an even
more fascist Supreme Court.

Clearly this Supreme Court needs to be totally overturned – now filled with corrupt members –
both legal members and religious members – who will not be accommodating to Roe or
Separation of Church & State – in the sense that the “accommodation” should be for women’s
rights and for the right of the people to be FREE FROM religion if they so desire.

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