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Trump's Medicare Chief: 'I View a Public Option and Medicare for All as Equally Dangerous'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/22/trumps-medicare-chief-i-view-public-option-and-medicare-all-equally-dangerous


Seema-Verma, another immigrant hyphenated-USAn who is safe from being told by Trump to “go back to where she came from”.


Ooohh, baby, baby say no more, wink,wink, nudge, nudge … Milken Institute Global Conference at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on April 29, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Excuse me while I ease my nausea.
From the Wiki:
The Milken Institute is “an independent” economic thank tink (my spoonerism and my quotation marks - couldn’t resist) based in Santa Monica, California. It publishes research and hosts conferences that apply market-based principles and financial innovations to social issues in the US and internationally. The Institute is a [501© 3 nonprofit organization and is nonpartisan and “non-ideological” (my quotation marks to save you the effort) .

Michael Robert Milken (born July 4, 1946) is an American financier and philanthropist. He is noted for his role in the development of the market for high-yield bonds (“junk bonds”),[2] his conviction and long sentence following a guilty plea on felony charges for violating U.S. securities laws,[3] and his charitable giving.[4][5][6][7]

Milken was indicted for racketeering and securities fraud in 1989 in an insider trading investigation. As the result of a plea bargain, he pleaded guilty to securities and reporting violations but not to racketeering or insider trading. Milken was sentenced to ten years in prison, fined $600 million, and permanently barred from the securities industry by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Yet another case of pots and kettles slinging color


Hi I’m Seema Verma, a right wing ______ from hell that Corporate State Democrats will salivate all over themselves to work with. Busy over expensive dinners in DC getting their clucking talking points together. Some day, some year, some decade these rich jerks will have their precious tables turned over on them.


Another self-serving slime ball that Trump has brought in to destroy whatever good could happen to the American people. Where does he find these people? Maybe she was recommended by Michael Milken or Jeffrey Epstein. Trump is a bottom feeder and he has done very well at finding people who have never seen sunlight and really know nothing about the purpose of government of a democracy.

Now it seems to me that if a president intentionally perverts or intends to subvert the laws of the nation - such as an EPA that fails to protect the people per law - then that is an Impeachable offense. Did you hear that Nancy? Do you need a hearing aid?


Pelosi is the most powerful ally Trump has as it pertains to keeping him in power until the next election (and beyond in my opinion). And she is most certainly an ally with intent.


Why do all trumps appointees look like they are evil incarnate? Mentally depraved, having the facial expressions of overt greed, pathological liars, axe murderers, and/or carny hucksters/grifters? The hideous Ms vermin and her political views clearly being no exception


Trump’s Medicare Chief: ‘I View a Public Option and Medicare for All as Equally Dangerous’

Very dangerous for the bottom lines of the nsurance industry and Big Pharma.lol


Does she pray to the Godess Kali? Cold blooded, not a streak of human decency…


It would be much better if they were all in some weird circus where they could perform and do things like sell snake oil for cures. Trump could be the master clown and orchestrate the show. It’s coming to mind that movie called “Something Wicked This Way Comes” about an evil circus or carnival that visits a small town. I think that might be the appropriate title for Trump and his administration as well.


More likely Shiva - the god of destruction.


I don’t think we should be getting thought leadership from a financial crime felon global conference.

It sure would be great if only one of the two major parties leadership held the financial felons opinions.


Seema Vermin reminds me of the wealthy Hindus who lived near me when I lived in India.
They work very hard to be even more arrogant, callous, smug, cruel, greedy and ugly than the British were when they ruled India.
Their hearts are cold and their faces are hard–perfect for the Trump administration.


Trump wants to bring together the worst of each nationality, race and religion. To him - they’re the best - to us - they’re the worst.


Seema is no Dreama, and she had better get with the Teama of American Peoplea before she’s thrown in the Swampa with the other Scuma.

Caligula manages to find the sickest most vile creatures to fill his mutant menagerie


Forget India, she reminds me of the wealthy right-wing Indian medical doctors, engineers and upper level managers who populate the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh.


That’d be right.

The woman appears to be a psychopath, and that would suggest that her huband suffers from a similar pathology.


I imagine they were big Trump supporters. What creepy people.