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Trump's 'Middle School Project-Level' Posters Reveal Much About America's Blood-Soaked Backing of Saudi Regime


Trump's 'Middle School Project-Level' Posters Reveal Much About America's Blood-Soaked Backing of Saudi Regime

Jake Johnson, staff writer

During a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) on Tuesday, President Donald Trump—whose love of "killer graphics" has been well-documented—presented two "middle school project-level" posters to relay his appreciation for the tens of billions of dollars of military equipment the kingdom has bought from the U.S.


Will someone please remind him that it’s not “the US,” but US corporations that sell that shit?


I loved Ike. His “military-industrial complex” warning has come to pass, hasn’t it? That is what elected Trump. He capitalized on those industries and states that produce killing hardware and our electoral flaw got him elected. As we shrink further into isolation the more important this junk gets. Which party uses this emerging reality? Both. Lieberman used it effectively.


Two low-life scum lauding each other…one more depraved and mental than the other…as ugly a presentation as has ever been.

The orange fool must have learned his poster art from netanyahu…


The tragic reality is that every worker downstream from a military economy don’t give a shit, their job depends on living and are essentially going to vote table issues. This is where military empires go to die.


GREAT! Keep selling weapons to those responsible for 9/11!!!
Keep up the good work, you fascist fucks!!!


Fucking hilarious. Did you see the look on the Saudi’s face?


Come on, people, give the man some credit. He is holding the poster right side up.


Ironically, perhaps Poster Boy Trump accidentally may wake up a few folks to how the recycling of petrodollars into munitions really works. It has been a great ride for the banking class. Perhaps GM and Ford will get in line to sell the Saudi women automobiles next. Bet those would be some seriously tinted windows…


This is like Trump giving a presentation in 2nd Grade pretending to be the president of the USA. There simply are no words to describe the insanity of the USA now. And his saying we make the best “equipment” in the world. WTF. That equipment he is referring to are weapons of mass destruction. Something we went to war over in Iraq about supposedly, their having WMD’s which of course was a god damned lie to start yet another war on behalf of the military industrial complex which owns the USA now. The irony and hypocrisy of the USA making and selling actual WMD’s to ensure endless war and thus endless profits is mind numbing. Not a care about all the people being killed by the use of these weapons sold by the USA. Not a care about the environments being destroyed by these weapons. The only thing that is cared about is the endless war profits being channeled into the hands of the sociopathic corporate oligarchs who literally make a killing from producing and selling such horrific weapons of mass destruction. The insanity running rampant in the USA is unfathomable. It’s become a fucking nightmare from which we will likely never wake up from until we are all killed off. And of course by then it will be too late. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: Nothing short of mass general strikes and boycotts have any chance at changing the course of destruction wrought by the USA on behalf of its corporate oligarch owners. I won’t hold my breath of that ever happening in the USA where the citizens seem unable to rise to such an occasion. And far too many citizens in the USA benefit from the making of such weaponry in some manner, considering it is one of the last areas keeping the economy afloat.


True. But it is a tragic fact that weaponry, and all the high-tech support services related to that weaponry, for their own use or sold to others - especially the Zionist regime and the backward medieval Arab monarchies, is pretty much the only thing supporting the US economy. A drive around the DC Beltway then down I-95 through the huge Quantico Marine Base, and on to the huge Norfolk Naval Shipyard, or from San Diego through LA, or Atlanta, Georgia makes that very clear. All the US’s most prosperous cities rely on the so-called “defense” industry. If the war machine was stopped tomorrow, the US economy would totally collapse.


Well, this worker who once found herself way downstream did give a shit and refused further work. Luckily I was only a contract brain. It can happen. I knew a WWII Conscientious Objector, and I raised my children to refuse. It’s a developmental goal for all of us.


Trump’s no. 1 rule,

Ignore the masses and stick close to the money-power, no matter how perverted, criminal, bloody, cruel and stupid it may be. Its the only thing that keeps you in your seat, and possibly alive.


Only because there is an arrow pointing “UP” on the back.


I hear that fascist brown tinted automobile windows are currently en vogue…??


Next thing you know Trump will be touting the profit margin in poison gas. The man has absolutely no corruption barometer and his level of tolerance for criminal behavior is as low as his own behavior manifests. I honestly believe the man would do anything he thought he could get away with if he thought it would enhance either his personal wealth or the adulation of a deplorable.


Is Osama back from the dead?


PLEASE, stop showing that man’s picture in your articles


Rudy - I was more thinking of an artistic image of one of Trump’s conquests, nude, reclining on a sofa. Stormy? Someone else? Follow the Saudi’s eyes. “UP” may be a challenge for a non-reader.


Sorry, but they didn’t attack us on 9/11. I don’t want the weapons sold either, but we have to stop attacking the patsy’s.

“We make the best equipment in the world”, tell that to the pilots flying US planes that got smoked by Russian MIG’s a few months ago.