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Trump's Midnight Dump of Ethics Waivers Should End "Drain the Swamp Illusion"


Trump's Midnight Dump of Ethics Waivers Should End "Drain the Swamp Illusion"

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Candidate Donald Trump's pledge to "drain the swamp" was apparently made with a slew of caveats, which were exposed late Wednesday when the White House posted details of ethics waivers granted to at least 16 senior staff members.

Among the notice (pdf), which detailed 14 different waived ethics rules, are provisions granting lobbyists from some of the most contentious industries the freedom to influence policy making in those very same arenas.


is an ethics waiver? How can one waive ethics? It is either ethical or it is not.

Covfefe Christ!


Anybody who continued to believe the "drain the swamp" illusion after Trump announced his first round of appointee short lists within days of the November election is never going to embrace reality and will continue to be all in with Trump as long as they live.

We would be hard pressed to find anybody currently walking the planet who is less ethical or more immoral than Trump, although his diehard followers come close.


" 14 different waived ethics rules?"

Sounds unethical to me!


Meanwhile, back at DNC headquarters, the Dems can't seem to figure out what to do about the tyrant kings latest decrees.


Welcome to the world of "Citizens United". I nearly vomit every time I see it. When an abstract predatory economic system/model becomes a judicial ideology and calls its minions "persons", the parasitic must either be recognized or societies and the planet suffer the consequences. The disease is following the various curves on a compounding parabola of the exponential factor. This is a death wish writ large and backed by violence.

What is this travesty doing right now? All around the world it is playing the shit assed distraction game pitting peoples against each other in order to STEAL the lands on which farmers and indigenous peoples live. It is DEMANDING that human beings ASSIMILATE into a death-wish model.

Not this old goat!


My first thought when I read the article was, "Isn't an ethics waiver an oxymoron?"
* Sheesh!


Amazing isn't it? An ethics waiver!

See Bannon back there for this bizarre group portrait? His waiver grants him permission to meet in private with his pals at Breitbart News. Because his being able to meet privately with ultraright cronies (who do not have security clearances) is important to the country somehow? Nauseating!

Trump loves these autocratic powers!

He looks ill though doesn't he?


Like "military intelligence"


Isn't an ethics waiver just a legal way of saying, " we see no evil in direct and obvious conflicts of interest, we hear no evil in direct and obvious conflicts of interest....?
Cheney did this in 2001, with his invitation for Oil & Gas CEOs to basically write policy and bills, regulating themselves. Nice work if you can get it.
What we call Corporate Democrats did this when they didn't reinstate Glass-Stegall in the Dodd-Frank legislation.
This is bipartisanship at its worst, of course, because it picks winners and losers without the electorate getting to weigh in. Trump was disingenuous and vague on policy for this reason, and others, because his prescriptions for the country's return to greatness, were really bad for your physical health and financial well being.
You have to understand that The UniParty will steal everything that's not nailed down. Under the false guise of " all stakeholders being at the table ".
This policy is akin to a just convicted embezzler negotiating with the judge on the terms of his sentencing and restitution. And, borrowing more money from the victims to pay them back for their losses.
Again, nice work if you can get it.


Tweetle-Dumb not only broke his promise to drain the swamp in Washington, he diverted the sewer lines from K-Street and Georgetown directly into it — plus a couple of crude-oil pipelines for good measure.

BTW, as pointed out above, "ethics waivers" IS an oxymoron.  What Das Drümpf has done is waive some spe- cific Ethics RULES, intended to prevent unethical behavior, or at least to make it a little more difficult. Since the RePooplican-controlled Congress wouldn't have prosecuted violators anyway, all this means is that his swamp- crittur minions can be active 24/7 instead of having to sneak around in the dark.


Look at Bannon, he looks like he has a corncob shoved up his ass. Everyone in the photo has a face that expresses a scowl, a sure sign that things won't improve for a while now.


Not only that the energy corporations have been writing the laws, they've now moved into the White House and eliminated the revolving door and now run things directly. Saving lot's of cumbersome time waiting for a new president's appointments.Their way of saving energy!! -:wink:


'Drain the swamp' should be changed to 'ooze the slime'.
Making America slimier, one decision at a time.


The Navel (orange) Nitwit takes a Dump on Ethics and Earth each and every midnight to dawn to midnight. And in the process he is shatting on himself, the Constitution, foreign relations and the planet. Never before in our history has a more despicable, vile lowlife commandeered the WH.