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Trump's "Morally Obscene" Budget Proposal Stands to Make America Cruel Again


Trump's "Morally Obscene" Budget Proposal Stands to Make America Cruel Again

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Meals on Wheels. Amtrak. Teacher training, after-school, and summer educational programs. The National Endowment for the Arts. The Appalachian Regional Commission. The National Institutes of Health (NIH). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


The majority of our federal house and senate, our state legislators and everybody in this White House are morally compromised, as they write and sponsor legislative give a-ways to the rich and monied capitalist interests. America is not a Christian nation, if we were we would not allow these immoral politicians to win elections on any level. If America was really a Christian nation we would not have massive inequality, we would not allow the destruction of our ecosystem, pollution of our rivers and the air we breath. We would not allow unjust laws that oppress the have nots. If America was a Christian nation we would welcome refugees, we would work to heal the sick, feed the poor and preserve our democratic ideals. No America worships the anti-christ, the anti-christ who teaches the primacy of greed, rape, intolerance, hatred and the pillaging of planet earth. NO, AMERICA IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NATION.


As if America ever stopped being cruel.


Without class self-knowledge, a class is manipulated into acting against itself. In an analysis of the election, the Washington Post (December 20), writes about “a store owner” in Kentucky “whose husband awaits a lifesaving liver transplant” and has insurance through Obamacare. She had voted for Trump who promised to dismantle Obamacare. Now she is scared, “what are you to do then if you cannot. . .purchase, cannot pay for the insurance?”


Donald the magician as our beloved Jim Hightower calls him is clueless about running a government like ours. He is trying to help himself and his supporter billionaire buddies rip of the average Americans. He is following in Ronald Reagan's footsteps as the article points out. Reagan put many mentally ill on the streets by closing our mental institutions and caused millions to hit the roads and sleep under bridges, in cars and side walks, millions more have joined their ranks including many war veterans. Public education serves the needs of real children in America where charter schools steals from them and will not take in the children with needs only the white well to do kids. Charter school administrators refuse to show their budgets and how their administrators siphon out top dollars to pay themselves outrageous salaries and benefits at the cost to our national education. Stealing is what the rich white people prefer to do these days and that's why they support the Donald. Instead of axing the bloated and hugely wasteful military spending he aims to cut what is needed the most, what a fucking total idiot the Donald really is.


I realize that politics and democracy are complex, and I realize that Trump is historically unpopular. However, we are a sick society and the fact that we have elected (well, Trump got 25% of the voting age population’s vote, but he won the election) monsters like him and Ryan says a lot about us. The fact that he won and the fact that the Democratic opposition is as bad as it is (without Sanders that party would have already completely collapsed), it paints a very ugly picture of this political system and where we are going. The rest of the world is also investing massively in renewable energy, which is the future, and he and the right are basically having us commit collective economic suicide, forget possibly helping to ensure that the worldwide environment collapses. If we had a healthy society and a well-functioning political system, this document would destroy him and his administration. It’s funny, because the very people he would destroy will be saved by other people, and they are going to suffer, but less so than if he got his way. How many of them will support him, not realizing this, and how many will support him because the Democrats suck as much as they do? How many will simply not vote because their two options are the nuts in the Republican Party or the Tom Perez/Pelosi/Schumer/Clinton crew?


To tell you bluntly as if you didn't already know; the rich doesn't give rats ass about the poor and the average American's healthcare or well being. They say let them die, there are too many who are kept alive artificially, so face the reality. The rich think they are the chosen people, they are smarter than you and me and therefore deserve to be treated better, way better than the working people. There are going to be millions dying in the next 4 years if Donald the magician is going to last that long and many millions more will be made homeless and many more millions will be joining the ranks of the poor. Welcome to America the land of the Trumps. And lastly there will be no serious opposition to stop the Donald train wreck.
The rich and the better off are happy because they play the market with their extra cash, the market is bullish again despite rise in interest rates. Most working Americans will be facing higher prices and lower incomes.


One has to wonder how much more "MORALLY OBSCENE IT WILL BE IN THE NEXT 4/8 YEARS? Trump has been in office only about 2 months and his nascent, perdition of any morality that was left, is well on its way to being destroyed. The whole raison d' etre of the Trump Administration, it seems to me, is to make the 1% wealthier and the 99% poorer. The current GOP cabal of criminals are reverse Robin hoods; Christian, fascists using scripture to screw the 99%.


Until the time the idiot white people realize that their strength relies on unity with all Americans not just those KKK types. The poor in America better realize that the rich doesn't give a damn about them and will throw them into mass graves just like everyone else. The poor in America better realize that their enemy does not live in the middle east, they live in posh gated communes right here in the good ol USA.


Most white people, like the majority of working people, hate both the parties. A good portion of white people didn’t vote and would support someone like Sanders if given the chance. Watch the town hall that Sanders just had in West Virginia. There are white people that fall for the xenophobic and racist dog whistles, but they tend to be older, their brains ruined by decades of right wing propaganda. If you look at the polls on the issues, the public is with the left, those policies are just not being offered by either party. We’re in this pickle because Trump’s opposition is the Democratic Party and they won’t do popular policies because of their largest donors. They have no capacity for self-reflection, those driving the party into the ground don’t want to relinquish power and they won’t change anything policy wise. Most people aren’t given a choice really, the left’s ideas aren’t being offered.


The main thing that matters to Trump is he should financially benefit from being president. The budget itself should put more money in the pockets of the rich who are the mainly the people who play at his golf courses and stay at his hotels. Everything has to be seen in terms of whether it benefits him or not. This budget certainly should.


Analyzing the Trump budget is simple: Anything good for the vast majority of the American people - CUT! Anything good for the billionaire class and global corporations-ADD! The true question is: can the vast majority of the American people stop him? Even though the Democrats are not much better, seems like the republicans should receive a payback in the 2018 election. yes, we need to make a big cut in the budget for republican congress and senate members while somehow letting the democratic party know they must restore some sanity. Whether that is possible without alternatives is very questionable.


Yes, like I have posted before, Trump's decision to run for POTUS, from his perspective, was purely a good business decision.


Excellent point, Yohogreen!


Yes, but these evangelicals hate people of other religions or those who do not associate with any religion.. This is their punishment Also their golden rule is: Put high people in high places. One of these types called into C Span , and said that g-d had put Dump into office.


People who are starving do not care about the 2018 elections. They care whether they can eat and have a roof over their heads.


He is a sociopath who quite possibly has dementia.


If ANYONE is just working for donations and elections, then they should work for Wall Street. If they want to work for the public good, then so be it. They cannot have both.


At the hotel I was in last week, the weather channel was on at breakfast.
Apparently Trump has new book out, and ads for these for on every so many minutes, with rave reviews by rush Bimbo being cited for it.


Idiot white people???? Excuse me, some of us here are white and we are not supporting the KKK. Most of his supporters are rich not poor. Poor people tend to not vote because they are too busy just surviving.