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Trump's Most Vicious Racist Rant Yet Was His Call for More War in Afghanistan

Trump's Most Vicious Racist Rant Yet Was His Call for More War in Afghanistan

Brian Terrell

On Monday, August 21, President Donald Trump delivered a prime-time speech almost shocking in its ordinariness. It was such an address as either of his immediate predecessors, George W. Bush or Barack Obama, could easily have given over the previous decade and a half. While hinting at nebulous new strategies and ill-defined new metrics to measure success, President Trump announced that the 17 year old war in Afghanistan will go on pretty much as it has. And the establishment breathed a sigh of relief.


Thank you for showing us that cowardly Trump and the low life generals admit their guilt. Send them to prison for life.

It is certainly true that those “… who slaughter innocent people … are nothing but thugs and criminals and predators …”

The US has killed nearly 20 million totally innocent people since world war 2. Lock up thugs like trump, the generals and their corporate owners. The people will be free so they can enjoy the gift of life on Earth.

Cosmic power of evolution supports the people against a totalitarian US government.


The “War on Terror” was created by the Military Industrial Complex and the parties of the Duopoly to spread their hate of those who would stand up to their Empire.

For profit and continuation.

This Hate only generates more Hate towards America thereby perpetuating their need for a war.

And their need for $50 Billion more from Trump.

Forget about Peace on Earth.

Everybody else is to blame, not the United States.

Can the United States of America survive Trump?

Not as long as 95% of the voting electorate keeps enabling the parties of the Duopoly to keep the War Machine turning.

I’m generally optimistic about my fellow man learning from their mistakes.

My fear now is I have overestimated their ability to even “see” their mistakes.


There would have to be an arrest warrant the likes of which has never been seen. And an enormous peace movement with the teeth of dragons. And a line of judges who don’t mince law language but dispense real justice.

Evolution, cosmic or otherwise, is an excruciatingly slow process.

How I wish it were otherwise. There is nothing, nothing, nothing that can justify what is being done to human, animal, plant and Earth life.


The M.I.C., a subset of the Multi-NaZional Korporations which own ‘our’ government,* is counting on the fact that, “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American voter.” – or something to that effect.  Who am I quoting (approximately) – P. T. Barnum, W. C. Fields, or Steve Mnuchin?

*  OOooops – I should have said “WHO own ‘our’ government.”  Korporations are ‘people’ now . . .


A good rant by Chris Hedges. I suppose I am partial to it because he agrees that the Last Great Loot is on.


A tribute to Dick Gregory. Now there was a good man.




If applied to the U.S. that is the truest thing he’s said.

This is not correct. Not that white supremacy doesn’t play a role but it’s not a war about white supremacy at all; it’s an economic war as most all wars are. It’s about continuing to steal resources and labor from the rest of the world to support a lifestyle we can no longer earn or support. It’s about erecting a straw man in the form of terrorism as an excuse to expand the American empire. How much do you think we actually spend on defense as opposed to offense?

You are half right, but please consider the fact that the American Empire has always been racist and greedy and violent. You cannot tease out the economic part. It is part of a whole, much like a multi- headed Hydra.

We wouldn’t be bombing Austria, or Portugal, or Ireland, or Iceland, simply to kill a few “terrorists”, or to steal resources!

The Black, Brown, Yellow, and Red people understand this. It is difficult for the rest of us to accept.

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I don’t think this war in Afghanistan being related to racism. I think it can be traced to Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia. It was the rise this view of Islam that led to groups like Al-Qaeda. The War on Terror is against those groups. A central idea of the jihadists was to establish a caliphate. This is in direct contradiction to the views of the nations in the Middle East and whatever the prevailing world order is thought to be. Trump like Obama has inherited this war on terror. Once George W. Bush set this strategy in motion is not been possible to change course. Before Bush these acts of terror were treated as crimes. Bush elevated these acts of terror to part of a war.

I would only quibble thusly: Those who commit the worst acts can indeed find glory in this life, although certainly not in the next.

Another tremendous piece by Voices for Creative Nonviolence on Afghanistan and U.S. military insanity (yes, one may say it’s not insanity, for it serves specific purposes defined by certain elites, but it remains at the same time utterly insane, as all hatred- and greed-based action remains insane when compared to the fundamental natural sanity and kindness of the human spirit, obscured when insane patterns take over).

I thought I had my cell phone stolen today… until I found it in my bag on the 4th check, an hour later. By then, I’d done my best to consider my loss a gift I truly hoped would benefit the person who took it (as I also fretted on my way home about how to change my passwords to email, etc.)… but then when I saw my mistake, and realized how lucky I was to have it, I took it as a sign I do actually need to give what I can again to those in need: and Voices for Creative Nonviolence is again at the top of my list. It is not often we come across an organization as morally and compassionately clear and powerful and educational as this group. Thank you, Brian Terrell, Thank you, Kathy Kelly, Thank you VCNV!

From the article:
“The fact that the war on terror was presided over for eight years by our first African American president (who in his last year in office dropped 26,171 bombs exclusively over populations of people of color) does not alter the fact that it is a racist war.”

Powerful, right? And clear, yes? Every paragraph of this article is just as powerful and clear.

Love, not war. Peace, not greed. Compassion, not fear. Always, always, always we must strive to realize these promises, and in the process discover how we actually might.