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Trump's Muslim Ban 2.0, "Dripping With Intolerance," Ruled Unconstitutional


Trump's Muslim Ban 2.0, "Dripping With Intolerance," Ruled Unconstitutional

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that President Donald Trump's revised Muslim Ban, issued in March and lambasted by rights groups, is unconstitutional.


Sadly the picture that starts this article is filled with snowflakes or other ignorant people. They have signs stating their views.

"We stand together vs. Muslim hate. "Love thy neighbor". So I take it you brainless fools that you are totally unaware that your country is taxing you so it can exterminate Muslim people. We are bombing our neighbors and killing their children.

There is no tiny particle of your brains that entertain the thought that bringing people here who have been on the bombing end of you all's ignorance and who have lost country, home, family and in general their life might be pissed at you good Christian folks for what you have done?

Oh that's right you are all snowflakes and nothing bad can happen to you. Good luck with that bit....


So they should support the ban? Anyone against the ban is by definition a hypocrite because tax dollars pay for war crimes? Is that your point? I'm asking.


Yes, it's an imperfect world at best. However, hurling insults and invectives only serves to further divide and already divisive populace. I challenge you to put your obvious intelligence to work for the greater good of all creation.


If there was any real justice left in this country, this whole Nazi regime would be sitting in the dock of a new "Nuremberg" awaiting sentencing for High Crimes such as war making, mass killing of civilians, rigging the economy to impoverish the working people to swell their bulging coffers.
* Aw hell, just read the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Nuremberg Principles.
* Not only these current bastards, but the majority of political wheeler-dealers this century are guilty as well, and you don't have to look too hard to find similar criminals all the way back to Johnson.
* If We the People would really and seriously read the Constitution (including the Bill of Rights) the Declaration of Independence, and compare it with what is being done by our alleged representative government, we could fill the prisons with war criminals and those who have sickened and poisoned people for corporate profit.
* I don't know about anyone else, but I am really tired of living in the Fourth Reich under an insane fuehrer and a bunch of rich Nazi lackeys guarding and building their billion$ on the misery of human lives, both domestic and foreign.
* If we were to learn to work together as we did when we defeated the Third Reich, I think we really could get our Constitutional Republic back. That would be a good start.


You are the one who is ignorant, and it shows easily by your word,"snowflake". If this goes to the Supreme Court, it will be upheld. It is unconstitutional in the USA. Speaking of signs, "snowflake" is one of them. Shows who you are. SAD.


I already do working with communities to put forward rights based ordinances on the people's behalf. Sadly many are like those in the picture wedded to MSM and its propaganda never really thinking about what is really going on. On principal it is the thing to do to help those who are forced from their homeland for any reason and if providing a refuge is needed then It would be right to provide help.

But you see we are the people who are continuing the wars that are tearing countries apart. Would you want a neighbor who knew that you paid for the bomb that ripped the arms and legs off their child in front of them and watched them bleed out in the sand?


It is only a term used to provoke those that do not do much thinking about things. America is filled with them. Feel free to use your own words to describe a people who never stop killing others and screwing up their country.

If you think you know me then your a snowflake to. That's what they do jump to some stupid conclusion and never re-examine. Thanks for the example.


Did not say that I supported a ban. Just the ignorance of the understanding around the whole issue. Sorry we have all supported war crimes committed by our country. What part do you not understand? Your involvement? The government's programs across the globe or the actual mass killing.


I don't automatically assume a Muslin neighbor would harbor such thoughts. But, I sure do agree with you about our terrible MSM and it's propaganda. I understand what you are saying about the bombs. It's no wonder people are angry...they see their neighbors killed, families destroyed. In a never ending war, we create more and more "angry people". I think it's disgraceful and I wish the USA would stop funding our Military Industrial Complex. I'm a retired Clinical Social Worker and believe we could be colleagues. "working with communities...".


Sorry, diveshopingoa. I really hate that term "snowflake" and I "assumed", wrongly. Please excuse my mistake.


Agreed and I do work in my community. As social worker you know life can be hard if not harsh for some. Yet we expect these people to be saints and turn the other cheek. Sorry we be past that. No matter what the hardship is being bombed out of life as you know it is right up there on emotional out burst levels.


Worst post of the year?


So I guess you don't pay taxes?


Did you miss your medication today?


Call the mental health clinic tomorrow and ask for an evaluation.


I have not in many years. I will not pay to kill someone else for resources to make my life easier. How many have you paid to be killed?


And this is what is wrong with America. The average person is supposed to be evaluated on some sort of mental health test and when found not up to your silly little white folks rules about stuff then you get medication on a normal basis because you spend half of your income tax blowing up children in some dessert country allowing a destruction of any social structure and introduce the head choppers who love to post beheadings on facebook for your pleasure.

Sorry boy you folks did that to my sister and she is an emotionless person today so totally drugged out that she has no problem like you killing people in other countries for reason that keep on changing. One minute its a war on terror the next you are going to work at your job so some ISIS terrorist can have a new or nearly new toyota truck.

What I suggest for you is to follow the main stream media with all your heart and let them make up your mind for you. I am sure there is an APP for that.




We have all supported war crimes? Speak for yourself.

What part don't I understand? My involvement? What involvement? Do tell!

You are seriously asserting that I'm oblivious to war crimes?

You snake. You know damn well that I resist such. But hey, you need to put yourself on a pedestal (suppose you don't get that inconsistency, and irony, of the position you are taking).

Seriously, take your stupid fucking personal attack, and insulting argument and ______ it.


diveshopingoa, say it directly. Say what you really mean, which is ...'Why do you forget us?!!'. That's what you really mean, isn't it? Then for chrissake say it! No need to fabricate irrational charges to make a shoutout.

What you demonstrate is how we all seem to diplomatically beat-around-the-bush. No need to rehash that monsters throughout history were always concerned that their victims, given the chance, would repay them in kind. That's monster morality. The overwhelming number of people are not monsters. We're certainly not born that way.

But why is there this vacuum in humanity? Well, if we still have a pulse, it's obvious that there is no...repeat NO democracy. People's sense and actual capacity to have real input in social decision making is reduced to a pile of sh*t. That has consequences. People have realized that throughout history. The picture in this country is that for generations people have become more and more locally and nationally atomized. There's no community, no human societal commonality. Now why is that?!! It's not something that just 'happened'. Social engineering, propaganda in its endless forms, including the fiction that actual democracy exists, class warfare, and the nurturing of xenophobia, in all its endless forms, these perversions have real effects, and make the idea of 'free will' a whimsical fairy tale.

If we don't at least start our inquiries at that level, then throwing verbal bricks back and forth will only benefit the #$$^%$&$%# who have always benefited from exploitation. And should you have found a way to addressed this in a convenient capsulized way, please don't keep it a secret. But Trump's view of reality aside, human history has never been cartoon simple. We know much of what goes on and much of how it's done. But the 'why' question is a real pr*ck.