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Trump's 'Muslim Ban 2.0'Is Still the Same Flawed, Un-American Mess


Trump's 'Muslim Ban 2.0'Is Still the Same Flawed, Un-American Mess

Maria Cardona

Trump Muslim ban take two! Or you could call it a kinder, gentler Muslim ban. But make no mistake: It is a Muslim ban, no matter how much the Trump administration tries to wrap it in better legal reasoning, more docile language, and ribbon that screams national security.

Trump and his Muslim ban still have a huge uphill battle waiting for him simply because truth, reality, facts, his own quotes, and a country who yearns to uphold American values, are not on his side.

Let’s break down the difficulties Trump will face starting immediately:


The Comment section for this article on The Hill tops 560, many of them aren't worth scanning. So, I'm here...

On the off chance that Ms. Cardona reads this, I'd like to suggest a change in language.

For many, the term "(un-)American" as it applies to of behaviour or policies can have a meaning that is different from what many Americans think it means. Not to mention, it reeks of 'exceptionalism', as if no other country on the planet has ever gotten it right.

That headline should have been written:
Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban 2.0’Is Still the Same Flawed, Uncivilized Mess