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Trump's New Foreign Policy Is the Worst of Both Worlds


Trump's New Foreign Policy Is the Worst of Both Worlds

John Feffer

It didn’t take long for Donald Trump to discover that U.S. foreign policy is about as easy to turn around as a warship in dry dock. Despite any number of promises to shake things up — during the election and even in his first days as president — Trump is falling back on some very conventional approaches to the world.


Why is America threatening and engaging in wars with Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia and so on? Somebody clue me in because the MSM is no help.


Hmmmm... yes, that's the basic question that nobody asks, at least nobody on TV.
Here's a short list of some of the probabilities. I'm sure other commenters can add to the list.
1- Lots of money for the MIC.
2- Satisfaction of power lust for the political establishment.
3- A deep urge to destroy things, especially poor brown people.
4- Keeping people scared, so the politicians will get votes and hold on to their jobs.
Notably absent from the list is the desire to keep America safe, which is always the stated goal.


Great question natureboy. Their answer always contain the phrase, " It's in our vital national interest.", which is no answer at all! SS,DD.


I don't see how foreign policy can work without Congress playing its constitutional role. With members of Congress afraid to vote on anything doing with foreign policy that might be controversial we are again left with a president doing things are questionable with regard to constitutional authority. The system is broken as all most members of Congress are only concerned about getting reelected. Therefore, they stick to domestic issues where they know they have support and avoid their role on foreign policy. Obama could not get them vote on anything regarding the Middle East conflicts. Nothing in that regard has changed.


Thank you Dolgen.

I have another question:

Who is the MIC?


MIC is short for Military Industrial Complex.


I meant who is making money from war?


Ya know, the individuals responsible for the carnage.


Full Spectrum Domination.


Trump's foreign policy is just like Ehud Barack Obama's & George Warmonger Bush's foreign policies. Trump lied about Assad using chemical weapons, Obama lied about genocide going on in Libya & bush lied about Iraq threatening world peace with WMD's & being involved in the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks in the USA. The American people elect the same kinds of POTUS no matter what the results.:scream::rage::thumbsdown::urn::head_bandage::skull_crossbones::-1: