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Trump's New Medicaid Administrator Just Encouraged Other States to Replicate Her Cruel Plan From Indiana


Trump's New Medicaid Administrator Just Encouraged Other States to Replicate Her Cruel Plan From Indiana

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As Republicans push to gut Medicaid, the safety net program's new administrator quickly made clear that parts of the "punitive" plan she crafted for Indiana's Medicaid recipients are what she hopes other states will replicate.


This cruelty leaves me speechless--but not for long!. Call your governor. I just called mine. The fight for single-payer continues VS. the Drop Dead Already Plan!


I love this. Everything is going to work out just great. In this election we have learned how far down the real bottom is to the democrats. They will not be back for sometime. Now the working class and poor republician voters in their old age will have their care removed. Eye opener for many. Let's see how this plays out. Just don't put your money on the working people or the old.


Unless you are living on a sizable pension or investments , you are in the working class. Bad news for ya, eh????


What's wrong with the right to die? Nobody wants to live in poverty forever.


Sorry I chose to be real working class. Union for some of it. I am retired but I am still looking for my sizable pension or investments. They seem to be hiding somewhere.

If you think politics is fun or a game google Seth Rich. No wait search on duckduckgo instead. They do not mess with the data.

People have to wake up. Both parties are feeding them the equivalent processed GMO based foods in political terms. Junk food.

Nobody is going to stand up to our wayward government until they suffer. If Americans were suffering as much as the people who live in the countries we destroy our government would change at our snap of the fingers or we would learn that we are not all John Wayne, US Marine bullshit but a bunch of pussy cats.


I lost my 98-yr. old Mother on Feb. 18; flew back to O'Hare from ABQ. I will go back to handle her estate in April. One of the first things I said to my kind ex-husband when we walked into her condo was, "At least she won't have to worry about Medicare and SS anymore! Just sayin...of course it hurts.


"PHYSICIANS FOR A NATIONAL HEALTH PROGRAM" is the website that explains the single payer Medicare for alls ystem that America needs NOW.
Als, while there, watch the YouTube video, "FIX IT" that has a lot of information as well.
We must DEMAND Medicare for all. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!




Real working class here too, and union for some of it also, but not retired. Congratulations on retiring. You are right- if enough people were "suffering" and not just lending lip service, We probably would see real change. Many of the college students who protested during the sixties( I was there ) were not "suffering" but there were those who truly were concerned. Yet, many of the protesters had 2S deferments and were protesting because they were scared about what MIGHT happen to them versus the young men who actually were drafted and marched off to war. At least that's how it was initially.


Sorry about your mom, but what a long life she lead. That is truly amazing.


I was there and I protested all over for years. DC, Boston, Philly. I protested against the war. It was illegal. One by one men disappeared to not return or return in a basket. I was not going to be one of them. I was raised in a very religious family that was abusive. One did not break the rules of god's law and thou shall not kill happens to be one. So I would run to Canada, go to jail or hide.

So it was easy to protest. We could get a crowd together quickly to strike. It was a fight in the street because the police were not militerized. Later they got their stuff together and learned how to dominate on the street.

I also protested for civil rights and for our environment. It is hard to be asked by your country to go half way around the world to kill someone you did not know existed while people in your own country are not equal. Gee I have not seen a black lives matter news story since the election. What happened to coverage of the pipelines? Errrrrrrrrrr


How can anyone justify being that cruel. There isn't anyone on Medicaid that doesnt deserve affordable health care. The idea that someone has to pay a deductible for emergency care is both rediculous and heartless.


Just another rich a$$hole, choosing to live in a moral vacuum, making oodles of money off the public, by screwing the public. These are not nice people; and, never will be. They are selfish bloodsuckers. This is their nature.


Evil, evil, evil!


I have nothing useful to say--- or think. Why are these people so vile?


I guess these people haven't heard that you can't get blood from a turnip. Or money from an empty wallet...


'...states have more freedom to design programs that meet the spectrum of diverse needs of their Medicaid population."' More freedom, eh? Freedom from or freedom for their population? That statement is pretty loaded. If we look at how politicians have a slight tendency to use words that are defined differently in their heads, like the "wiretapping" issue, then I think it's safe to say that terms like "freedom" and "privacy" might not follow the dictionary version. So "freedom" for states to do as they wish probably has a different contextual meaning.


I protested in Ny and DC- must have been the same time period. I remember when men were coming home with what was later called PTSD and the effects of agent orange, and after all that they went through they were called baby killers.