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Trump's New Plan: Govt as Company, Citizens as Customers, Kushner as CEO


Trump's New Plan: Govt as Company, Citizens as Customers, Kushner as CEO

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Bringing President Donald Trump's notion of government as corporate enterprise to fruition, the White House on Monday announced that Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner will be leading a sweeping government overall, leaning on business leaders to solve pressing national issues while looking to privatize key government functions.


Kind of like they did in Flint and Detroit by appointing a private, unelected profiteer to take over the city and look at how well that worked out. If I’m a customer of the US, then I’m going to be a very difficult and cranky customer!


Trump is spending more time and effort attempting to dismantle representative democracy than he is actually running the country. He wants to undo democratic institutions and such annoyances as conflict of interest laws that interfere with his instituting his autocratic rule. Trump cares not a whit whether the people of the USA want these things or not.

He betrays us and got himself elected under what amounts to be false pretenses.

Leave it to a billionaire to do away with democracy. Democracy was always a way to give a voice to the little guy. Democracy is little more than an inconvenience to the oligarchy.


This is not a new plan! Like I have posted a long time ago; Trump’s decision to run for POTUS was purely a business decision.


You got that right for sure. Trump apparently wants to privatize our government and appoints his son in law to do it. Someone should remind these people that we liked our democracy.


I think the headline’s a bit off. The plans so far don’t show near the respect for citizens that customers would win. And most of the citizenry don’t qualify as customers for big-T businesses. And he doesn’t plan to relinquish executive power to Kushner.

“Gov’t as company,” exactly; but Corporations as customers, Kushner as COO. djt wants to be able to continue sitting back and letting someone else do the hard part.


This is, of course, repulsive. What is even more repulsive, though, seems to be the impotence of the public in the face of this onslaught. Our options seem so limited to get control of the government we call our own. I think our number one step is to face the fact that this is not a democracy and there is little or no real freedom in the U.S. What acts of subversion can one take - most things we are forced to do? Of course, a parliamentary system would be much preferable in that you can throw the creeps out at any time. That might keep them a little more in line. Our system -we appear stuck with someone for 4 years without recourse. What are our options?


I’m sorry. I must have missed it but when did we elect Jared Kushner to anything?


Someone should remind Trump and Kushner about the old saying: The customer is always right!
This may not be something they like to hear.
So this might be the first step in resisting this insane idea by warning them: Be careful what you wish for.
I would love to see how jared would deal with a dis-satisfied customer LOL


This is just the normal succession of post-modern capitalism. Yet the new-pseudo-alt-left (actually not left at all) still thinks that Trump (and Putin) represent some kind of revolt against “the capitalist elites”!

I had an argument in a bar with a guy this weekend - the guy acknowledged that climate change could be the end of humanity, but nonetheless he opposed any action regarding it, because of the cost and economic disruption it would entail - essentially confirming this quote from Slavoj Žižek:

“it’s much easier to imagine the end of all life on earth than a much more modest radical change in capitalism.”


“What you mean-um ‘Kind of,’ Kemo Sabe?”   And don’t forget another Michigan town that was raped by an un-elected City Manager – Benton Harbor.


Enough of this B.S.! Anyone who has ever worked for a “great American corporation”, as I have, knows full well that they are not nearly as “efficient” as the public has been brainwashed into believing!

It is a standard procedure in the Right-wing grand strategy since Reagan’s day, to de-fund and otherwise sabotage crucial agencies and programs, to create the impression that Public institutions are less
efficient than private ones, thereby setting the case for Privatization, usually by Corporations whose primary focus is on increasing shareholder returns every quarter. This never, ever serves the public interest!



If that’s the case then impeachment is in order. That’s what Noxon felt as well, but did not go as far.


At least those of us old enough to remember it!


What is your corporation?


Hey, three mds on a talk show recently said that Trump showed signs of dementia. Perhaps it’s that as well as delusions of grandeur.


UH…huh. Citizens have (had) rights, customers don’t.


Good grief. This is an irrational being- but unfortunately there are more like him.


Westinghouse, among others.