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Trump's "Next Cruel Plot": DHS Asks Pentagon to Build Border Detention Camps for Families


Trump's "Next Cruel Plot": DHS Asks Pentagon to Build Border Detention Camps for Families

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

<p>Although a federal judge has required the government to reunite families separated under President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" policy—since his executive order repealing it did not address reunification—immigrant rights advocates are now raising alarms about plans, mandated by the president's order, to detain several thousand families together.</p>


The “Police State” expands.

Down with the System!


Trump says “open borders” as if that’s a bad thing, but that policy worked very well for the EU, at least in my experience. Before just accepting Trump’s moronic talking points, political leaders should research how that policy worked, it’s pluses and minuses. Personally, I believe that a borderless world should be the ideal toward which we are working, even when it is not immediately possible.


“Soft-sided camp facilities”, that is in fact tent cities. They want them in the southwest because they will be extremely hot through the summer. I suspect Trump has taken advice from criminal Joe, the two should get a room together.


NO it will be worse… Trump will try to send them to Gitmo as it’s almost empty now------------and then the military, instead of ICE will torture them. Besides the awful YOO man made it seem that if America wasn’t torturing them on America soil--------then it wasn’t torture.
I wonder why the YOO man wasn’t disbarred? Perhaps the BAR is too low also.


We pretty much had that with Canada until around the start of the 21st century.
*Next stop will be walls and “Checkpoint Charlie.”


Big money in Detention Camps.


One of the things I’ve been wondering as the Nazism increases in the US Fourth Reich, is in which of these concentration camps will we see tall smokestacks, ovens and perhaps Zyclon-B showers?
*I’ve watched the MO since Bushwhacker Two got appointed as President by the Supremes. A restriction, fairly minor, with explanations as to why it is needed. After the people get used to it, something more restrictive or invasive gets added. People bitch about it and the debate goes on until eventually the people get used to it, then another upgrade. This has happened in virtually every one of these “government” agencies. People’s oversight has been restricted or eliminated in the sacred name of National Security.
*The latest is these three concentration camps to take four thousand people each. Pretty soon, they’ll have to jam in five or six thousand into each camp.
*Then is will be necessary to build still more, bigger, camps to hold the overflow. As the level of protest increases, We the People will find ourselves more closely monitored. Dissidents may well be “disappeared” and find themselves nameless in a concentration camp.
*When people got into the children’s concentration camps, some mentioned that the children had a number copied on their arm for identification purposes.
*That reminded me of the thousands in concentration, “death” camps whose identity consisted of a number tattooed on their arm. That number followed them into the camp and all the way to the showers and the ovens, after which the number was crossed off the list.
*This just seems to grow and grow, and nobody in our alleged government seems to care enough to stop it. Only We the People who are protesting and are likely candidates for a number of their own, in a nameless camp of horror.
*It is way past time for a change, preferably before the streets become filled with troops and tanks and people start disappearing for being in the wrong place, or out without a permit, or for curfew violations, or for trying to defend their family when the front door is kicked in.
*I don’t want to be a doomsayer, but I’ve been watching this little snowball in the late nineties grow into this all destroying avalanche pouring down on all we’ve loved and built.
*I know, It Can’t Happen Here, but Sinclair Lewis not only pointed out that it could, but just about everything that happened in the novel has happened in this country, and one of the odd things is that the dictator, Buzz Windrip’s tactics to become elected, and what was done after he was in is almost exactly what Trump has done and is doing. That includes bought politicians passing laws to increase his power, restricting unions, granting tax relief to the wealthy while putting confiscating taxes on the poor and middle class.
*Finally, the people have no rights but to obey. disobedience means prison, torture, hunger, or death.
There are so many parallels to what is happening today that it is rather spooky. It pretty much has happened here, or is happening.