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Trump's North Korea Summit Reveals Democratic Party Fault Lines


Trump's North Korea Summit Reveals Democratic Party Fault Lines

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

President Donald Trump wrapped up his historic Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, weathering a barrage of criticism for giving away too much to his adversary and gaining nothing. “So much for the art of the deal,” Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy told one news outlet, referencing Trump’s 1987 co-authored book touting his business acumen. Many of Trump’s Democratic critics, eager to denounce whatever he does (which he so often deserves), sound more bellicose than hawkish neoconservatives.


“He [Trump] could easily derail the peace process again.”

Ya think?


I can’t believe the negativism! A couple of months ago I was in despair. Now, despite having John Bolton in his immediate circle, Trump is trying to establish a non-aggressive relationship with N. Korea. I can just see Bolton trying to organize a coup.

We have nothing to fear from North Korea unless we continue on with our former aggressive policies of war games, sanctions, insults, etc. Someone made Trump see reason. Many thanks to whomever that was. Let’s check with our ally, South Korea. How are they feeling about this agreement? Pretty good, I imagine.


Trump has other plans for squandering our treasure & military might on blowing up Iran & the Amazon.


A very good article, and way too true. The reality is, demonstrated again, that most Democrats are as devoted to military aggression and the military industrial complex as any Republican.


Thanks for using the word " most ". It shows growth and enlightenment.
When CD ran their preference poll it was 54% Sen. Sanders to 46% HRC, I believe. Of course, that was eons ago, before trolls were invented. And, Trumpster’s army here weren’t so obvious.