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Trump's #NotNormal Cabinet Confirmations Could Get Very Messy


Trump's #NotNormal Cabinet Confirmations Could Get Very Messy

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The Senate confirmation hearings for President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet nominees are shaping up to be a series of drop-down, drag-out fights, as the uber-wealthy, unevenly qualified picks face increasing opposition both on and off Capitol Hill.


Not to worry.
The corporate loving DNC members will come to the rescue as they will want to prove to their corporate sponsors that they are not the enemy. There will be some meaningless belly aching. Then the confirmations will go through with only token resistance.


Far beyond being "not normal"...the emperor's anointees are ABNORMAL and, in some cases, certifiably INSANE...far more dangerous than merely being unqualified but combined together they are mind-numbingly surreal.

When will I waken from this nightmare of nightmares...?


The time to fight these fools is now. Call your Reps. sign petitions go to protests or start one. We have to stand up and get to work. Fight these people like they're the devil, because they are the evil rotting out this country.
The evil finally has reached a head and has been exposed. Now is the time to change this country for the better.


It will be all theater just like the government shut down. Only real people in the real world were hurt while congress continued to get paid.


I call my rep every week. Perhaps someone who has better tech knowledge than me can start an online petition as well?


I have never posted to this site before, but now is not a normal time. Fomenting internal fights is counterproductive in the face of blatant evil. We do not need to agree about everything, there are things that Eisenhower did that deserve praise, but we must, MUST, oppose the destruction of our country, and most likely our planet. I grieve for my country and for humanity. Please look beyond the details and understand that this is an existential crisis. Resistance is about the survival of future generations. It is time to man the barricades and storm the Bastille, figuratively of course. I am too damn old to be much a threat to anyone physically, but the fire is still there.


And I heard today that Kelly Ann Conway, that obnoxious piece of sh-t is going to be counsel to DT. Well, at least her kids get rid of her for awhile.


I sometimes wonder how many people pay attention? It seems sometimes that if all is well in people's personal lives then they sometimes do not want to get involved at least nationally. I do not understand that- sometimes however the public ire is drawn out when there are local issues such as proposal for a new school building.


Calling reps, holding signs, etc. is 20th century. Think 21st century


The dems should stop picking these little fights and just concentrate on impeaching Trump as soon as he takes the oath of office. No one who wants to be president should be allowed to come into office with orange hair or skin -- it just makes him look too clownish!


Trump violates the Constitution, unequivocally, the first moment he's sworn in. There are TWO emoluments clauses in the Constitution that he'll violate. He will directly violate the Constitution. It's not even debatable. Republicans WILL enable Trump to violate the Constitution. They will refuse to defend the Constitution and allow Trump to commit felonies night and day.

And the moment that GOP members of Congress DO challenge Trump on ANYTHING, Trump will wage war against those Republicans because he cannot tolerate being crossed. By anyone. Eventually, intra-party war will blow the political landscape to shreds.


Yes Indeed! Staring at your screen is the 21st century way to go. It's produced such great results so far. At all costs avoid going out into the streets with your friends and neighbors to start a revolution. - now that's just so old fashioned.


Of course Tillerson does not want to reveal his tax returns.
It makes me sick how these traitor-billionaires do not pay taxes like I do.
Panama Papers, Cayman Island accounts, off-shoring corporate headquarters over-seas to evade paying taxes, it never ends. No wonder our infrastructure is crumbling and our schools are terrible.
They use our roads to ship their products, our police/military for protection and our publically educated work force to compound their wealth. Trump uses our courts to sue everyone yet does not pay to support the justice system.
They really are traitors and free-riders.


Sen. Sessions is truly dangerous. He'll try almost anything, including assassinating black elected Alabama sheriffs ( see Pacifica News 1996 interview ), to keep " the others " controlled and under his thumb. The whole of Trump's Cabinet picks are very suspect; intentionally, one would have to assume.


You missed the message. In the 21st century of computers and databases there are new ways to start a revolution. "In Every Neighborhood, Revolution!"


There's got to be a way to get this blight out of power w/o actually offing him, but for the life of me, if not thru impeachment, then I have no idea how to 'git-er-done'!


The Republicans will simply nuke the filibuster, like they threatened to get for Roberts and other fed judges in, and the Dems may as well stay home, phone it in.


Yepper. The REAL welfare queens!


Harry Reid is largely to blame. He destroyed the filibuster on Presidential nominations. Under Bush, he decried a Republican effort to kill the filibuster, calling it the "nuclear option". Under Obama, he made it happen. Now it has come to bite the Dems in the arse. Reid severely hurt the minority's power in the Senate. The executive branch under Trump has more power than at any time in history. Thanks Harry Reid.